WildARMS Developers Working On Wizard of Oz RPG

RPGFan writes:

"Media Vision, the development studio behind Sony Computer Entertaiment's long-running WildARMS series is working on a new DS-based RPG titled Riz-Zoawd. Tetsuya Ookubo, who previously worked as a designer on the WildARMS series, is producing the game, while another WildARMS series veteran, Nobuo Nakazawa is serving as Riz-Zoawd's game designer. The game's soundtrack is composed by Hitoshi Sakimoto and WildARMS series composer Michiko Naruke.

Published by D3 Publisher in Japan, the game is based on The Wizard of Oz.

The player will control the story's heroine Dorothy. Familiar faces, such as Dorothy's dog Toto, the Lion, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man or the Wizard of Oz also will make appearances in the game. In return for granting her a wish, the Wizard orders Dorothy to collect magic eggs."

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Silogon3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

Nevermind it's for the DS. Lame.

PS360WII3960d ago

Yeah this is definatly a good thing. Wild Arms devs and the DS with a Wizard of Oz RPG! What's not to like about any of that :)

Wildarmsjecht3960d ago

you need to polish your avatar. it looks dusty from here!! lol

PS360WII3960d ago

Why is it wasted? Because it would sell to well on it?

GodsHand3960d ago

Wild Arms, DS whats this you speak of. Why not also put that game on the PSP.

heyheyhey3960d ago

wtf?? can't they just work a next-gen Wild Arms?

Isaac3960d ago

Than on a timed exclusive 360 game and PS3 getting a sh1t port. Things are changing with MGS4 though, and once WKC and FFXIII hit it's gonna be easier to develop JRPG exclusives to PS3 without Microsoft making a mess of games that will be played by as few people as possible.

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