IGN UK: Samba de Amigo Hands-On

As anyone old enough to own a Dreamcast and have a hundred quid lying around in the year 2000 will contest, Samba de Amigo is the best game ever made. That, fun fans, is official, demonstrable fact and a position we will happily back up with unrestrained physical violence aimed toward any detractors.

Needless to say, when SEGA announced it was set to yank the maraca-waggling franchise out of retirement and onto the Wii (or Dreamcast 2 as IGN like to call it), our minds were a bewildered mix of glorious delight and nervous trepidation. After all, developer Gearbox isn't exactly known for its proficiency in the rhythm-action field and, well, let's not forget NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams, eh, SEGA?

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