Destiny: Take a sneak peek at images of upcoming DLC area

Images of an upcoming DLC area for Bungie's Destiny have surfaced. The area can be glitched into, and will most likely be part of a raid.

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Steve1billion2458d ago

That'll be interesting. I still haven't reached Vault of Glass yet so it's good to know I have a few things to do in the near future.

DesertFoxJr2458d ago

Yeah, the area look pretty industrial. I wonder what they have in store.

Neixus2458d ago

DLC already?

Hopefully it will be free, for the sake of gaming.

DesertFoxJr2458d ago

It most likely will be. Possibly another raid like Vault of Glass.

Palitera2457d ago

They wreck their game and design it all around selling DLC... And you guys think they will give it for free? Seriously?

equal_youth2457d ago

I think it won't be but hopefully it is.

-Foxtrot2458d ago

Still Old Russia? They couldn't make a new location for least let us explore the city we are protecting.

ThatOneGuyThere2457d ago

its likely a free event location, like the raid. They open up different portions of the Tower for occasions too. AKA the Queen. That whole area was closed off before she showed up. Theres a few other doors in the tower as well. Destiny is FULL of sealed doors, to be opened later with events. People need to slow down a bit, and just enjoy the game. If you find yourself playing too fast and running out of new things to do, just relax and wait for a new community event. They happen almost weekly at this point.

TL;DR Calm down. Its likely free, like the other things they keep slowly opening up.

-Foxtrot2457d ago

How can you enjoy a game though when almost everything is bloody sealed off.

If you buy a game you want the full package with added content later. If you've sealed off a section because you think "Oh we can open this place up when we do the "Blah Blah" event" then I'm sorry but that's just stupid.

SnakeCQC2457d ago

Bungie can go to hell. The game was just soo barren of content; 6 hours of "story" from a game with a budget of $500 million and now theres dlc built into the game. Older bungie titles with much smaller budgets from a decade ago offer players more.

Kavorklestein2457d ago

Pretty much agreed with you on that one. Plus it lacks focus or ambition to make you care about the setting or story in the first place.
Personally I'm ALREADY tired of all these articles about stuff concerning Destiny.
Let people look up stuff to help them play on their own. We dont need more info as if there's some life changing INSIDER information about the game to be clued in on...

The game has NOTHING in it whatsoever that deserves all this attention.

Let's all move onto info on OTHER games please.
If I wanted to know all this crap about Destiny, I'd look it up myself.. just like any apt gamer should.

Stop force feeding me stuff... if it doesn't make the game less disappointing, what's the point? Anyone who REALLY wants this info either already has it, or will obtain it through their own research. Let's focus on UPCOMING titles more and stop dwelling on OLD news. Sure it's been out for less than a month, but the Beta ensured that we got more than a mouthful of the taste of mediocrity for free... move along.. nothing to see.

I know it's not the popular opinion, but bleh... Overhype/Letdown of the year! Or maybe runner-up after watchdogs, at least.

Plyzz2457d ago

Nobody is forcing you to press it if you don't like it. ._.

G20WLY2457d ago

In a post-Titanfall world, Destiny is a breath of fresh air.

It's being invested in (and expanded) heavily currently and over the next few years. Shame the same can't be said for other games/devs..

CorndogBurglar2457d ago

No one is force feeding you anything. You are the one that keeps clicking on the Destiny articles. If you don't like Destiny and you don't want to know these things, its much easier and less time consuming to just not read the article.

As it is, you are going out of your way to read about this stuff, so i don't see how anyone os force feeding you anything.

Kavorklestein2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

This is the first one I've clicked because I seriously find it so pointless. This is my first complaint regarding the flood of info that has been cluttering the top stories for weeks. Go to gamefaqs or something if you want info for tips or tricks.. DLC already being discussed is retarded, and I'm not trying to hurt anyone's feelings when I say that the amount of interest should equal the caliber of game Destiny is... this amount of attention is plain old overkill. It's fine if people like Destiny, but I'd rather see people go to the info they seek rather than have hype for the generic shooter that Halo fans are used to getting more from- ESPECIALLY multiplayer modes and game types. Ps4 owners might be enjoying it, but in my opinion, most people who have played a few Halo games in the past can see it's just a loot grabber game that's less than the sum of it's parts.

Especially the 500 million dollar part.

elsuperamigo2457d ago

Overhype/letdown of the year! This are the nominees :watchdogs,titanfall and destiny and the winner is......

MysticStrummer2457d ago

"Stop force feeding me stuff…"

"This is the first one I've clicked"

Which is it?

@Erudito - Please stop with the $500 million thing. That wasn't all for this one game.

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kurruptor2457d ago

Destiny has way more content than any single Halo game did.

Also 500 million didn't go into the development of this game.

500 million was the budget for all aspects, including future plans.

ScottyHoss2457d ago

Exactly, what's so hard to understand about that for some people? 500 000 000 ÷ 3 rounds to about 170 million per instalment, including advertising. That budget might even rise with how sales have gone so far. I'm not sure if people are just thick skulled sometimes or just want to create controversy. Either way they're succeeded with the latter, although it's undeserved.

DeadMansHand2457d ago

As I am trading in my copy on Tuesday for Shadow of Mordor (I'm upset at Bungie for other reasons) the 500M budget was not for this game alone. It was for Destiny 1, 2 and 3, all the dlc for each game and for the 2 expansions for each game. Plus, all the marketing for the next 10 years.

That said, bungie telling me in playing the game wrong when I repeat queens mission for ass shard or that having fun at the lot cave is not their vision even though I did Summoning Pits 1,495 times made me stop playing. I don't glitch or cheat in games so to wall off legitimate things I found fun is bullshit.

kaizokuspy2457d ago

You realize they are addressing that right? Go trade it in. no one will care. for their updates and support. I'm glad they patched the exploits. If you want another broken game go play COD or Borderlands or whatever the hell you ennjoy. Seriously, every week they are updating and patching and adding more content for FREE.

ThatOneGuyThere2457d ago

its most likely free areas that will open up with new events. Calm down. You werent pissed when WoW didnt have the cataclysm day one, were you?

Godmars2902456d ago

I'm willing to bet that the "$500 Million" covers the 10 year span of the game. That, or all of the projected content of the first game, which includes DLC.

In other words its been sliced up and is being sold at $60 plus whatever paid DLC.

mochachino2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

Uh what story? I've played over 55hrs of Destiny and couldn't find a narrative. There were three or four fairly disjointed cutscenes but that was it.

Bungie would be better off saying the game has no story than to win the award for worst attempt at story making in a game for over the last 10 years.

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Gamerbeyond2457d ago

theyre already showing off the paywall.

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