Sony Bend’s New PS4 Exclusive Will Use “Cutting Edge 3D Rendering Tech,” “Complex Shader Tricks”

It's known that Sony’s studio in Bend, Oregon, has been working on a PS4 exclusive, but almost no information has filtered about the game thus far.

Today a bit of information about the game's graphics comes through a new career opportunity ad.

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the_dark_one3588d ago

horray!!! more cutting edge tech thats what we want to see.

Magicite3588d ago

what games have this studio made before?

EasyOneTwoThree3588d ago (Edited 3588d ago )

Syphon Filter series

NukaCola3588d ago

Did Uncharted Golden Abyss as well, which is a cutting tech handheld game.

Qrphe3587d ago

>what games have this studio made before?


PLASTICA-MAN3587d ago (Edited 3587d ago )

This game uses UE4, and talking about complex things, take a look at those complex Lighting tricks for UE4 (AND IT WORKS ON PS4): https://forums.unrealengine...

SonyStyled3587d ago

they also made Resistance Retribution and Uncharted Fight for Fortune

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Codey473588d ago

Shut Up Sony Bend and get working on an Uncharted sequel for the vita!

Chop Chop.

I'll also look forward to what you have in store for PS4

medman3587d ago

LOL!! Bubble up for the funny..thanks for the laugh.

ps5fanboy3588d ago


Cerny is already making the next incarnation of PlayStation , quantum computing algorithms , and cell based memory glands.

mkis0073587d ago

Memory glands sound gross.

MRMagoo1233587d ago

Do these "memory glands" hang down in a little sack under the console ? are they squishy? It all sounds a little too weird for me.

skydragoonity3588d ago

Games games & more games... With cutting edge graphics ;)

angelsx3588d ago

Nothing mean to me till I see it