Videogamer: Overlord: Raising Hell Review

Videogamer writes: "Being evil is often seen as a bad thing, but how often do we really get to see things from the other side of the fence? Take the characters in Codemasters' Overlord. These evil doers go about their daily life with a gleeful smile on their faces, relishing every moment of their frowned upon activities. Is it that these brutes simply love inflicting pain on others or is Overlord perhaps not quite as evil as the story suggests?

In a Fable-esque fantasy world full of make believe creatures and every bright colour known to man, you take on the role of the Overlord. This guy has been resurrected after the ruin of his kingdom and it's your job to bring it back to its former glory. Being the man in charge he's not too keen on getting into fights himself or doing much actual work, so he has a team of imp-like minions to do his bidding."

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