ONM review: New International Track & Field

AKA Frogger And Snake At The Olympic Games.

The athletics videogame gold medal currently dangles around the neck of Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games, but of course that wasn't always the case. Back in the day, that honour went to Track & Field, the original button-basher that destroyed many a NES joypad. With the 2008 Olympics just around the corner, Track & Field is back in an attempt to set a new personal best.

The game offers 24 different events, covering both track (100m, cycling, steeplechase) and field (pole vault, hammer throw, archery), with some others that don't fall into either category thrown in for good measure (weightlifting, high dive, horizontal bar and so on). Though most games of this ilk tend to be hit-and-miss affairs, thankfully the vast majority of the disciplines in New International Track & Field are enjoyable.

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