Team Xtender reveals XFPS 360

The 1337z0r Xbox h4×0rz at Team Xtender have been working on a nifty little gadget, called XFPS 360, that allows you to hook up your mouse, keyboard and Dual Shock 2 to your Xbox 360. This converter supposedly enables you to use your keyboard and mouse even though Microsoft has blocked those peripherals because it gives players an unfair advantage in certain games...

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Sphinx4347d ago

about people playing online with keyboard and mouse... I think I'd still whoop 'em :)

Arkham4347d ago

Funniest comment I've read for a while!

Capt CHAOS4347d ago

People seem to forget that with a console controller, we have two analogue inputs, analogue movement and analogue aim, whilst with a kb/mouse, you just have one, the aim. Though the aim would be better with a mouse, on a controller you have better control over movement.

Sphinx4347d ago

...I know I aim better with a console controller, but I'm sure a lot of people aim better with a mouse. That is one reason I'm looking forward to... dang, whatever that game is where people on the 360 can play with people on a computer in the FPS with magic and whatnot. I wanna see people at their best playing against others at their best as well.

power of Green 4347d ago

Duel" shock" in my hands, why would people want to use the POS DualShock.

specialguest4347d ago

some people who are newly converts from PS2 to 360 still like and are use to their dualshock controller. i don't see anything wrong with this.

Yo Wassap4346d ago

It's gives you hand cramp? Maybe that was just me though, a little bit like the original xbox controller

borgome4347d ago

Just seeing that picture with that ugly ps3 controller next to 360 caused me to vomit in the bathroom for 10 minutes.

FadeToBlack4347d ago

The Keyboard and mouse is the most accurate way to play a fps. Although i think the 360 controller is awsome and works fine for the consol. If someone were to play against you with a keyboard and mouse their aim would be much more accurate.

borgome4347d ago

and I'll say it again, anybody that would actually sit in front of there TV with a keyboard and mouse would have to be a hardcore computer nerd. I would love to see it, keyboard and mouse all propped up on.....I don't know, a TV table or coffe table, halarious. I challenge anybody to hook it up and play gears or whatever, joysticks will kick aSs.

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