Playstation Store Update (HK) 19/06

The Playstation Store Update (HK) for 19/06 :

Jeux PS3/PSP
[HK 33$00] Dezaemon Plus (Jap.version PSP/PS3)
[HK 33$00] Professional Mahjong Kiwame Plus (Jap.version PSP/PS3)
[HK 33$00] Money Idol Exchanger (Jap.version PSP/PS3)
[HK 33$00] Ide Yousuke's Mahjong School (Jap.version PSP/PS3)

[Gratuit] Brothers In Arms: BC DICE Dev Diary PV
[Gratuit] Brothers In Arms: BC Sweetwater's Blog PV
[Gratuit] Meet Secret Agent Clank Trailer

The rest of the update on the link below...

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Joe29115087d ago

I think they mean battlefield: bad company.

Erotic Sheep5087d ago

Awesome.. been waiting for "Ide Yousuke's Mahjong School" for a very long while, AAAA title!!!1