OXM UK: X-Blades Preview - From Russia with love...

OXM UK writes: "Every now and then, a game comes out of nowhere and takes you by surprise. Between the Grand Theft Autos, Call of Dutys and Halos exist the smaller games, ones that fight for attention among the big boys. X-Blades is doing a damn good job kicking and screaming at the moment, ensuring it'll turn some heads with its unique combat gameplay...

X-Blades sees you control Ayumi, a spunky anime chick who is armed with two swords and dual pistols, Dante style. She's a relic hunter tracking down a magical orb, though the story isn't of much consequence - despite having two endings, it seems like little more than an excuse for pretty cutscenes and carnage.

What stands out more than the story is how nice X-Blades looks. Ayumi looks like she was hand drawn by Japanese manga artists, flowing with the silky smoothness you'd expect from a topline anime."

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