Gamedaily: Space Invaders Extreme Review

Gamedaily writes: "Taito celebrates Space Invaders' 30th anniversary with Space Invaders Extreme for the Nintendo DS. It took a fresh, vibrant design and meshed it with the classic shoot-em-up gameplay with enjoyable results, making it an ideal pick-up, especially for $20.

Playing Space Invaders Extreme is simple. There are invading aliens attacking Earth in waves and it's up to your trusty space cannon to blast them out of existence. However, rather than charging towards the Earth in aligned rows (as in previous games), they come at you in multiple formations and colors.

Taito introduces some new strategies that cleverly work in this game. First off, by shooting multiple similarly colored aliens in a row, you earn access to a temporary power-up that helps you push back the invading forces. It could be a limited shield that guards your cannon from incoming fire or something more effective, such as a shotgun-esque laser that destroys everything surrounding your target. The second involves the mystery ships, which float by on occasion at the top and bottom of the screen. By shooting select models of these ships, you enter bonus rounds where you have to eliminate so many aliens in a time frame. There are a number of these minigames available, extending the game's replay value well outside its limited five-level set-up."

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