In Forza Horizon 2, Computers Finally Drive as Crazy as Humans - Wired

Jordan Golson: "Even better, they drive like specific humans: Every flesh and blood player gets a Drivatar of himself that learns from him and drives like he does. If your big sister isn’t online, you can play the digital version of her instead. (A separate version of Horizon 2, without Drivatars, will also be released on Xbox 360.)

So even if you’re the only human in a race, you’ll have a diverse set of opponents based on your online friends and other players. Some will be aggressive, smashing into other cars and taking every shortcut possible, while others are more likely to jump out of the way if you drive at them, or use extreme caution heading into corners. Sometimes they’ll just make mistakes, as people do, taking a corner too fast and spinning out, or crashing into oncoming traffic. The single-player mode is awfully close to playing with real people, and it’s a delight."

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Foehammer2394d ago

More high praise for the game and the Drivatar system.

Good to have diverse opponents.

aviator1892394d ago

It'd be really interesting if Microsoft found a way to incorporate this sort of technology into their other xbox games. Suppose Halo 5 had an off-line bot mode where your bots mimicked the moves and actions set by your online friends. Or suppose fable's enemies did that, etc.
I dunno, just hope they're thinking about doing something along those lines.

GodGinrai2393d ago

even implimenting it into halo's campaign would be interesting. They could base individual enemy AI on players. now that would be fun.

PS3Freak2394d ago (Edited 2394d ago )

That's pretty awesome.

It would be nice if something like this would be implemented into the next Gran Turismo. Been play GT for years and it's gotten stale with the single-file driving the AI engages in. I know GT and Forza Horizon are completely different game styles but still.

Looking forward to Forza Horizon 2!

poppinslops2394d ago (Edited 2394d ago )

@Aviator - An AI (such as a Bot)needs to know what to do AND when to do it. I would imagine that level of context is quite difficult (and data-intensive)to program.
Give it time...

Personally, I'm more interested in the physics stuff. Wind and rain, passing realisticly through trees and plants... That shouldn't be too difficult to code (xyz coordinates, if/when directives).

Not to mention the destruction.
I've no idea how they do that... But I want it!
Crackdown, baby!!!

aviator1892394d ago

I really do hope the final version of crackdown on x1 bears resemblance to that massive destruction tech demo Microsoft showed off.

poppinslops2394d ago

Yeah, that demo's had my imagination by the balls since I first saw it. The trailer was CG, but it certainly reinforced that core-principle... I mean, they killed that guy with a building!

It will take time, but eventually this tech will make games so kinetic and immersive and ALIVE...


I try not to get too excited, but it's difficult.

MorePowerOfGreen2394d ago

*looks at pre-ordered game* in que :(

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