Sony shows five new MotorStorm screenshots

Today Sony Computer Entertainment showed us five new screenshots of their upcoming PLAYSTATION 3 racing game MotorStorm.

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Sphinx4352d ago

...they need to make a next-gen Smuggler's Run game... I'd maybe buy a PS3 for that.

UrbanJabroni4352d ago (Edited 4352d ago )

First off, I KNOW the demo we see at target is very much an early build, but I don't see this _particular_ game living up to all the hype on this site.

On the 1up podcast they talked about an interview where they asked one of the Sony execs at the launch in SF which game he was actually interested in _other_ than RFOM. (Confusing sentence structure, I know, bear with me)

He instantly responded "Motorstorm." 1up then asked the crowd of 500 or so people and _no one_ said motorstorm. The 1up editors who played the game extensively also talked about their lukeworm feelings on the game and how they were amazed that some people were so interested in this game.

Let me start by saying that I would love to play RFOM, it looks like a very good game from what I've this isn't really anti-Sony sentiment, but I think the game looks quite bad. I played it at target, and in addition to the "feels slow" problem, the textures were really bland and seemed very low-rez/blurry. Something just wasn't right. I know there is still development time to polish the game...but my gut feeling based on what I've seen thus far says that this one will dissapoint.

This is, obviously, just my opinion and I am just some random dude on the internet, so please don't bother getting upset. Good times. :)

Let's not forget that, despite the delay, this was supposed to be a launch game, and how many launch games (outside of Nintendo) are really ever regarded as being good a few years later. Can anyone really defend PD0 now that Gears is released? Does anyone think any of the 360 games at launch will be "awesome" a year from now? Can someone please tell me why I felt the urge to write a small novel in this tiny, tiny text box?

Siesser4352d ago

I can see where you're coming from. When I first played the demo in store, I was impressed with how everything looked . . . until the race actually started. It still looked nice, but there was slowdown and graphical problems that I noticed and hoped they'd iron out. When I downloaded the newest demo from the PS store, I was surprised at how much they've improved it though. If they keep on putting in effort, it could be a really great game come March.


I played the demo I thought it sucked.

Bill Nye4352d ago

I like to think of this game as an off-road Burnout... if it plays like that then I'd get it. But, I'll just wait for the reviews... and I'm not getting a PS3 anytime soon anyway.

Athlon4352d ago

This game is looking better and better. The kiosk version doesn't look good at all and not as good as the latest demo. And these pics top that. Can't wait for it to come out.

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