With the Loot Cave Gone, Here’s The Best Way to Farm in Destiny Right Now

Given that Bungie is eliminating all proper methods of spawn camping against Hive, Vex, and Cabal in Destiny, we are all changing our methods of preparing for our weekly raids. The Loot Cave is gone after the latest hotfix, leaving loot chest loops as one of the best methods for grabbing gear in Destiny today. While our method from the Beta test is still fairly effective in terms of loot chest runs, this is the best way we know where killing enemies and grabbing loot chests combine.

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Stevefantisy2460d ago

Its sad to see the loot cave go but its probably for the best. That's for the update with your current farming methods.

JoeIsMad2460d ago

I figure that at least this way people have to try A LITTLE. It's probably going to stay the same, unless Bungie nerfs spawn rates on chests in the future.

mochachino2459d ago

I happy to see it gone, and strike rewards increased.

Christopher2459d ago

Strike rewards weren't increased. They just fixed an issue with them being harder than they should be.

All they said about these is they would communicate better the rewards you do get from strikes, daily missions, and the like.

submarinna2460d ago

With loot cave gone I give up. Can't go through the repetitive chore of destiny anymore

JoeIsMad2460d ago

I think that you're probably not having fun if you're not challenging yourself. Try turning up the difficulty on your missions, you might have fun.

metalmatters2459d ago

Yup I recommend that you turn up the notch on difficulty, you will have a blast, a lot less repetitive and more challenging.

Christopher2459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

I've done this, but then been disappointed by the rewards. No point in doing something more difficult, spending more time playing, to get less rewards (takes you longer to kill, less drops). To be honest, playing it as hard as it can be is just an attempt to ignore the issue and fool yourself into believing the game is giving you what you deserve, not a solution.

What I suggest is doing the bounties and other dailies/weeklies and then logging out. Only play a bit of time each day and don't farm. Over time, you'll get enough ranks, marks, and whatnot to buy what you need and maybe some day they'll reward us for doing things on harder difficulties.

kneon2460d ago

Isn't using the loot cave just about the most repetitive thing you could possibly do in destiny?

Delive2460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )

@kneon & Pinkdolphinyfg
repetitive, he'll yea, but the results and returns were far more efficient-effective in the loot cave.

Mega242460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )


I got more done playing the game how it is supposed to be played, than standing outside a cave. I got more legendary engrams on strikes, Daily mission, and doing just basic exploration than my friends doing the cave. I haven't even done the raid yet.

Swiggins2459d ago Show
Christopher2459d ago

***I got more done playing the game how it is supposed to be played***

Good for you. I've played a lot more than many of the people I've grouped with and have less to show for it.

Just because you come in at the higher end of the RNG doesn't mean others do. The problem with the system isn't that you can't find something eventually, it's that it varies so greatly from one person to another that it essentially tells players that someone's 40 hours in the game is equivalent to another player's 20 hours in the game solely based on luck and nothing else.

Heck, took me 6 play throughs of the queen's bounty missions to find out that they only drop chest and helmet pieces. Really helpful considering I needed arm and weapon pieces only.

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Pinkdolphinyfg2460d ago

I find it ironic that the same people who are defending the repetitive missions in this game are going on the other threads and talking about how they were farming the loot cave with a bunch of friends. If what they were saying was true then they would be playing the actual game than farming a cave for hours. Just goes to show how hypocritical some people truely are.

Christopher2459d ago

Not really.

The game is repetitive. Nothing will ever change that but Bungie themselves. And, honestly, I doubt they will ever change it. That's like Diablo 3 suddenly changing how you play that game, not going to happen.

But, people can still enjoy it and will take advantage of the best ways to alleviate the time they spend doing the repetitive actions.

You can like the loot cave and dislike the repetitiveness of the game. The cave only helps to limit the amount of time you spend doing repetitive tasks for legendary gear. Nothing else.

n4rc2460d ago

There are multiple places to farm..

The moon mission dark beyond I think it is.. Darkness zone, doors open and 25 thralls run out... Kill them all and let the knight kill you, respawn and repeat

Essentially any darkness zone with many enemies can be used the exact same way

JoeIsMad2460d ago

With the latest patch, this doesn't work. They nerfed spawn rates immediately after wipes, and since you'll be alone in your party, that's a wipe.

n4rc2460d ago

Its a mission, not a patrol

The level resets when you die because its a darkness zone, that's why it works

They don't respawn.. They are part of the mission.. If the enemies didn't reappear, it would defeat the purpose of the darkness zones..

In that mission, you only advance IF you kill the knight..

SwiftArsonist2459d ago

that got nerfed as well, if u do that the leg drop rate decreases, is in the patch notes

Christopher2459d ago

That's not a problem actually since most people do this to get blues to raise cryptarch level. Unless they dropped the rate across the board.

But, I tried this out and it was a horrible option compared to just doing chest runs or the like. The drop rate two weeks ago on it was abysmal.

Kryptonite42O2459d ago

lonelygoner is right..

after learning about the loot cave being nerfed, me and a buddy from work decided to try the moon mission... did it for about an hour and only picked up 2 blue engrams...

I woudln't normally condone farming like this, but the damn loot system is sooooo broken. The higher level raids drop the good gear, but I cant do the higher level raids because I don't have the gear required.. wtf am i supposed to do?

PsylentKiller2460d ago

This is my go to farming spot. After about a half hour a war breaks out between the cabal and vex. It's great. You have to constantly be moving around all the time but I've completed quite a few bounties there as well as pick up a lot of engrams.

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