Metal Gear Solid 4, Most Polished Game Ever? wrote, "It's Metal Gear Solid 4 week here at Sarcastic Gamer, or at least it seems that way lately. Well, here's my two cents… I just finished MGS 4 and I've got to say… what a ride. In the end, the only criticism that really could be had with the game is that it gives you TOO much. The question then becomes, is that really a criticism? Too many weapons, too many ways to deal with obstacles, too many cut scenes, and the biggest gripe: that the cut scenes are too long.

Does any of that hold up, or is this the hands down contender for Game of the Year, so far…? Let's check out the facts and try to be as SPOILER FREE as possible, after the jump."

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LGFreedom3773d ago

I've got to admit, it may not be game of the year, maybe it is.. who knows, but it is damn polished.

Drekken3773d ago

I don't see any other game being game of the year over this one. The depth of the story alone blows away competition. There will be others that come close: LBP, GeOW2, R2... but MSG4 is unbelievable. Not too many single player games captivate me to play through again, but this one does. Who knows maybe Haze will take the cake... I KID, I KID! lol

Hydrolex3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

MGS4 has the best graphics so far.

It's the king of graphics and a reminder:


So PS3 fans have 2 Graphic Kings

MGS4 and Uncharted

Lifendz3773d ago

We have "that game." That one game(s) you look back on and smile. The game that you usually keep forever and regret losing. The game you loan to a friend and immeadiately regret letting them hold it. That's MGS4. I don't blame 360 guys for still wanting it even though it's quite apparent the game is PS3 exclusive. Heck, I'd want it if I didn't have a PS3. Gotta Play B3Yond to experience it though,

PSN: Lifendz

Hydrolex3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )


Learned a new word. People put MOGOTY in

sonarus3773d ago

I can see GTAIV winning game of the yr simply due to the politics of one being exclusive and all that. But in all honesty, we would all be lying to ourselves if we said GTA4 deserved it over MGS4.

MGS4 = best game this yr
MGS4 = best movie this yr

MGS4 = Game of the forever.

Hydrolex3773d ago

Did you forget about MGS5 ? It will come out one day

kingOVsticks3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

do it yourself its your word well your acronym :) I agree with you to but there will be contenders madden 09,gears 2,smash bros etc

2 disagrees hmm maybe I should clarify those game I listed are the contenders for MOGOTY(most overrated game of the year)guess that's my fault for assuming people would notice that I was directing this comment towards Hydrolex :(

The Wood3773d ago


it was the little things even the annoying things (for some) like the installing and watching snake pipe one down whilst reading health messages on the screen that is testament to its polish.

Look at all of those polished easter eggs that are emerging.

Im not going to sh*t on GTA4 because I personally enjoyed it. I thought that game had a lot of polish in terms of depth and things to do but MGS4 has raised the bar without doubt

juuken3773d ago

It's so polished that it's shiny. ^-^
But seriously, this game rocks.

sonarus3773d ago

@kingovsticks. Smash bros doesn't have a real story its basically just a i really hope it doesn't even get nominated. It might be a great game but not what i look for in game of the yr.

Madden = sports which is a no no.

Gears 2 would have to come REALLY REALLY hard to step to MGS4 for game of the yr. I can see it getting nominated because quite frankly only MGS4 and GTA4 deserve the game of the yr spot so far, not that many game of the yr games yet. I really don't see epic pulling it off this time. Especially against MGS4 and GTA4

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Spike473773d ago

contenders look strong but I think that out of the ones that have been released MGS4 is the best choice.

ECKOo93773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

I think it should be. you never really know though. It is the most polished game i have seen so far. Gears two is the only thing that I would be afraid of just because it's already experienced this gen's technical side. That goes for Resistance two but that doesn't even look all that appealing to me. That's right a PS3 owner says he doesn't care about Resistance two. I hope the game will change my mind though.

If MGS4 is the best game ever I don't even care. All I need to know is that it's the best game that i have ever purchased!

TunakTunakTun3773d ago

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Hydrolex3773d ago

First we are talking about MGS4

second, why would you extend the page, it's annoying for other users.

I know you want some bubbles but that's not the right way. I bubble you anyway

Fishy Fingers3773d ago

Please stop copy and pasting lists that have nothing to do with the topic.

DarthTigra 3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

Can we please report this as spam he has done this 15 times in the past hour.

butterfinger3773d ago

MGS4 is probably leading the (rather small) pack right now. GTAIV can't touch this game, so we will have to see if someone else can step up to the plate.

JSA-Gamer3773d ago

While I agree with this article (mostly) to call it Game of the Year is a bit premature. Best of the year, so far, maybe... Let's see what's what in December.

Doppy3773d ago

Agreed while I loved MGS4 it's still too early. There are plenty of other possible contenders for GOTY. Bioshock PS3, Little Big Planet, Gears of War 2, Resistance 2, and Fallout 3 all look as if they are going to be highly revied games. And there's still a slim (very very slim) possibility that Final Fantasy 13 will ship December 08.

kingme713773d ago

I would be surprised to see FFXIII make it this holiday season. It doesn't need the holidays to get sales, so probably not worth rushing it out.

Fallout 3 will probably be a big contender.

Pornlord3773d ago

Polished is a good word I suppose. I'm on my second playthorough, I'm not blowing through it this time, I'm taking my time, not killing anybody (including the bosses) and overall being very snakelike. GOY contender for sure, we'll see how GeOW2 does.

Silogon3773d ago

I don't see how you can do that, man. I always get scene and have to Rambo my way out of it. I messed up big time, I think though, I killed one of the rebels and when you had to take that route through their hideout every 2 seconds they were stopping me and telling me to stay put.

Is that normal cause after awhile I got pissed and just started dropping 'em. Ha.

Mr Fancy Pants3773d ago

not killing anybody (>including the bosses<)? How i do that?

Fishy Fingers3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

SPOILER>>>> maybe (I like to warn in fear of a backlash)

Stun them. tranquilizers.

Pornlord3773d ago

Answering Fancy Pants and Siligon so....
POSSIBLE SPOILER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok, fishy is right, use tranqs. When you can afford the tranq rifle, you can really clear yourself a path without fear of getting too dirty. AS FOR THE BOSSES. They are all difficult to beat with a tranq guy. Just use any gun you want, just make sure the last bullet is a tranq shot. Same goes for anybody. It is tedious and I've reset my game MANY TIMES. But I go on streaks that make it worth it.

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