CVG Reviews Alone in the Dark (Spoilers)

ComputerAndVideoGames writes:

"They said it was for the people... they lied. There comes a point in AITD, about 80% in, where Eden Studios pulls a very cheap trick. It artificially boosts the longevity of a game perilously close to the wrong side of the six hour mark by featuring a root-killing collect-a-thon, similar to Zelda: Wind Waker's Triforce shard hunt. For one brief moment we caught sight of the game we were promised. Then, after a quick spell, it was all over."

*Note: Review contains spoilers*

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Silogon3956d ago

Not the blockbuster game I was hoping for. Phil Harrison made it seem like the second coming when we last heard from him. What a way to end your focus on tory driven games there at Atari too, huh? I don't expect the Ps3 version to be any better since it was pushed to October and will no doubt be uglier, buggier and demand 5 gb of my hdd.

InMyOpinion3956d ago

I've played further into the game and had the opportunity to break into, hotwire, and then drive a car =)

I like the game so far. You can switch between 3rd and 1st person view which often comes in handy, like when driving or shooting).

From the review it seems like the game is very short though =(

InMyOpinion3956d ago

Who is disagreeing with me and why?

TheKungFool3956d ago

You didn't get any disagrees from me on this one JENZO, and I appreciate the input.

I've always preferred the opinions of real gamers to those of the media outlets.

TheKungFool3956d ago

See JENZO, I got a disagree just for saying I didn't disagree with you, lol.

Kleptic3956d ago

great career move, Phil...

heyheyhey3956d ago

heh yeah

the only thing Atari is doing these days is publishing Konami games in Ozzie land

poor, not even the Phil-meister can turn this around

and i doubt they pay him a lot- the wages Sony paid him probably outdid Atari's yearly revenue lol

meepmoopmeep3956d ago

i'm still looking forward to this game.

Asurastrike3956d ago

Looks like Atari will be going the way of the Dodo.

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