Lack Of First-Party IPs To Blame For Slow PS3 Sales

In previous generations, Sony had some of the strongest character brands in the industry, with first or second-party franchises including Ratchet & Clank, Jak & Daxter, God of War, and Syphon Filter.

Unfortunately, only one of those, Ratchet & Clank, has made a next-generation appearance. This likely played a significant role in the PS3's slow start as the company chose to rest more on second or third-party titles and relatively new brands (Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, Lair, Folklore, Resistance).

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redsymphony3775d ago

Gas prices are to blame not shooters lol!!!!

aliveinboston3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

The real question is why is PS3 outselling the Xbox360 by a big margin (33% more in the last six months) despite the following factors:

-When XBox360 launched there were no competitors, it had the market to itselfs
-PS3 costs more (upfront, although if you factor in $50/yr for Xbox online play, the Xbox360 ends up costing a lot more)
-Xbox360 has a larger installed base which helps increase sales because friends usually get what their friends have
-PS3 has to compete with two other consoles

Maybe because despite all the nonsense from analysts the consumers are seeing less and less value from the Xbox360.

In fact, it seems the XBox360 has had it's day in the sun (before Wii and PS3 launched) and it isn't able to compete.

plenty a tool3774d ago

the playstation brand is why it's beating the 360 sales wise. after selling 200mil consoles, the brand does carry some strength.

perceived value and all that is just surmise.

anyway. it's not the lack first party games. it's a number of factors...including price and icreased competition from microsoft and nintendo.

imo, the ps2 was the last really dominant sony console. from now on, nintendo and microsoft will be putting up a stiffer challenge.

HighDefinition3775d ago

For their 1st year.....

They had great exclusives, the price of the PS3 was just too high.

2nd year (this year)

Again, truly unbelievable.

3rd year (next year)

All i have to say is...

-Team Ico???

and anything else that is unreal!!!!

The problem the PS3 HAD again, HAD was 3rd party support.

But that has changed alot of companys have already stated their main priority will be the PS3.

Now it`s just gonna take a year to REALLY see that.

TheColbertinator3775d ago

Instead of depending on only first party titles with the same franchises like Nintendo.Its building new IP's and partnerships to differentiate itself from the other consoles.It has new IP's from last year such as Folklore,Heavenly Sword,Uncharted,and Motostorm which Sony can use to establish new franchises.Of course this year its using its PS2 franchises such as Wipeout,SOCOM,Gran Turismo,and Hot Shots Golf to rekindle the established franchises.

Silogon3775d ago

Ratchet & clank sold 1.5 million units thus far.
Uncharted sold 2 million units thus far.

They were both very successful on the ps3. Sony's problem was they didn't follow up with enough new IP's and they still aren't They had/have the chance to do a lot of great things but they're just not doing it.

Sony should've had atleast 1 in house RPG year 1 of the ps3's launch. they didn't. Here we are 2 years out almost and still not 1 rpg. Sony should've had atleast 1 in house action game made. Syphon filter would've went over very well, actually.

Warhawk would've sufficed if it had a single player story mode. It didn't and it suffered because of it. Sony only has themselves to blame at the end of all of this. Poor managment and lack of direction is what got Sony where they are.

I could run their company better than these monkey D*cks.

Wildarmsjecht3775d ago

Looks like all you can do is really run your mouth. Fishy, time for you to regret that bubble.

Pornlord3775d ago

I gave him one earlier today too, some things are right on. But they are doing just fine, I'm disappointed with the lack of RPG's as well, but it's not that big a deal, we'll get a slew of them next year.

Mr Fancy Pants3775d ago

"I'm disappointed with the lack of RPG's as well, but it's not that big a deal, we'll get a slew of them next year."--

That's the problem, we are still waiting for a good JRPG for the PS3. Next year is going to be the third year of the PS3 and i said THE THIRD FREAKING YEAR! OMG! I was expecting more of the PS3...

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DrWan3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

Alot of those listed in the article were good games but Syphon Filter is not going to make ppl rush out to buy a PS3, so was Rachet and Clank, it is not a system seller.

They have created a new system seller for the PS4 though, that is Resistance.

It is important to innovate each generation I think because you create system seller for the next generation. The only real system seller i can see from Sony was God of War, and GoW 3 came out on PS2 instead so there you have it.

And no matter how much ppl. write these articles it really just comes down to price and epic games like MGS4 and FF series not stuff like Ratchet & Clank, Jak & Daxter, and Syphon Filter. Those were never system sellers to begin with. (Great series, not system sllers)

Edit: ok sorry i didn't read the whole article, I do agree with their lower half. my bad guys.

butterfinger3775d ago

Will be coming to the PS3, and it WILL be a system seller. Other than that, I totally agree:)

DrWan3775d ago

Right, ops i got the GoW number wrong sorry, for some reason i unconsciously factored in Chain of Olympius, a very fine game.

beavis4play3774d ago

i buy sony cause i want to play ratchet and clank, jak and daxter, god of war, KZ, FF, MGS..... i love them all. and i don't think any 1 game is a system seller. a person who buys a console for just 1 game isn't very bright. for ex.-if MS would buy exclusive rights to RE5......i wouldn't be playing it because i'm not buying their system for just 2 games(i also like gears) like i said, i buy sony systems for all their exclusives. everything else is icing on the cake.(although now i'll add blu-ray playback to list of reasons to buy... damn, blu movies look great!)

DrWan3774d ago

RC did not bump sales of PS3, we all know that. Even GTA hardly bump PS3. MGS4 is the first PS3 mover in the past year and half and that is basically a true statement. Isn't that how you define system seller? By the numbers, not by who wants to play what. I didn't say they are bad games, I just said they are not system sellers.

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TunakTunakTun3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

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