Sleeping Dogs: Old vs Definitive Edition Screenshot Comparison

Check out a screenshot comparison between Sleeping Dogs old and Definitive Edition.

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hkgamer1487d ago

something looks off on the new version. i prefer the one on the left more.

anyone know whcih version is on left and right?

Old_Boss_1487d ago

The one on the Right is the Definitive Edition.

hkgamer1487d ago

i know the definitive version is on the roght. just used the wrong words. was wondering which platforms they were comparing with.

pc and pc?

the one on left has less effects, but it just looks better.

GodGinrai1487d ago

I have to agree with HK. I also thought the one on the left looked better. o_O

Yukicore1487d ago

It's just a different angle and because of that different lighting. The textures are definitely better on the right one

inveni01487d ago

Seems like this is just a texture upgrade.

UltraNova1486d ago

Ok lets say 30 bucks is just right for this 'Definitive' Edition considering the amount of work put into it..

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URNightmare1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

Something's wrong there. I also think the one on the left looks better in most parts.

I got this game free with PS+. It's a good game but not sure it's worth the "Definitive" treatment.

CJDUNCAN1487d ago

They are wasting money releasing a definitive version. I don't get it but hey it's their money to burn so whatever.

The game was cool but it's definitely not worth a rehash.

Baka-akaB1487d ago

except they are not wasting money , they are literally porting the pc version +dlc , that's easy for them . Between that and triad wars it's obvious they are squeezing and milking further cash , from a game they once said didnt make enough money

viperman2401487d ago

I think it has something to do with the lighting, I think they took out most of the bloom and any other lighting effects.

It just looks off like you said, apart from the definitive version having higher textures here and there, the lighting is what made the game looks alive, now it looks to be gone.

pompous1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

Looks like the pc version I've played...

@ cjducncan... They are not wasting money with this. It's little effort to port from the pc version since the architecture is similar. But the REAL BENEFIT of these definitive editions is the devs can get a grip on the hardware so when they do make a game from the ground up they will know the hardware better versus learning while making games so we don't get semi crappy games until they are 2 or 3 games into the gen..

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SojournUK1487d ago

Texture are sharper but those lines around the arm and hands on the definitive version are horrible...the softer old version looks better overall.

jc485731487d ago

I actually like how the left softens up the lighting.

ziggurcat1486d ago

i'm pretty sure that's the blurry textures...

tubers1486d ago

Yeah, it looks weird on the HD version. Guess the AA/blurriness of the old makes it look more "convincing", at least on this particular comparison.

larrysdirtydrawss1486d ago

not sure wich console was on the left but the one on the right certainly looks better,just look at the textures on the meat cleaver itself,less blurryness everywhere

Dirkster_Dude1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

At the bottom of the pictures there is an "SD" and "HD". There is also a SLIDER on the picture starting at the left edge of the picture. The "HD" picture has more definition around the collar and sharper pattern on the shirt and cleaver. If you never played the game it would be the one to obtain if you could. However, it certainly isn't worth more of your money even if you receive all the DLC.

hkgamer1486d ago

sorry, wrong use of words, i wanted to know what platform they chose for old and definitive version. its pretty obvious especially with the buttons you press at the bottom, even though it shouldnt be labelled as sd.

doesnt the extra detail make the game look worse to you? maybe that was just this picture.

im not getting game since its only 30fps on consoles.

Improv1486d ago

Are some of you absolutely blind? How can you not tell which the next gen version is? The textures alone give it away completely. has blurry textures and the other is far sharper. I wonder which is next gen! Derpaderpaderp!!!!

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Darkwatchman1487d ago

If you zoom in, you'll immediately be able to tell the one on the right is the definitive edition. It looks sharper and texturing on the hair net and collar are more detailed.

hkgamer1487d ago

its easy to spot the definitive version.

just wondering whatt hey did to mess it up so much. left is less superior in graphics but looks a lot nicer.

kingduqc1486d ago

"Definitive Edition"

30 fps


Soulscare1486d ago

Oh look, someone is bringing up FPS again. Because we don't see this in every article...

Sir_Simba1487d ago

if you want to play this game buy the available verions dont spend money your (maybe) hard earn cash on this money grab

SteamPowered1487d ago

Is this game any good? Ive never played it and Im wondering if the Definitive Edition would be worth the extra cheddar.

spidermann1487d ago

Its a highly enjoyable game. No gta but holds its own, specially in d kungfu mechanics

SteamPowered1487d ago

Kung fu you say? Now I am very intrigued. I still dont see a massive difference in the Def Ed of Sleeping Dogs, so Im not sure if I should pony up the extra cash.

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BigPappaPump1487d ago

SteamPowered: Pick up the game if you never play it. I can guarantee that you won't regret it. Like spidermann said "it's no gta but it holds its own". Def edition comes with all the DLC.

CoLD FiRE1486d ago

It's very good. I wasn't convinced at firs but after I played it I got hooked. I enjoyed it more than GTAIV, that's for sure.

gobluesamg1486d ago

I'd wait till it's about 20 bucks.

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OutcastMosquito1487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

The definitive edition looks more clear and sharp but also looks like it has a tint of yellow in the colour.

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