Rumour:First PES 2009 Screens?

First menu screens of Pro Evolution Soccer 2009.It seems that Konami have changed the name to PES09.

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Shroomy3958d ago

They will overhaul the graphics for this one? but not going into Fifa's glowing plastic people!

Fix the online, and a sure buy for me!

STiRacer3958d ago

Yeah they need to fix the online because its absolutely horrible. thats the only reason i bought PES 2008, for the online. and because of that its just sitting on my shelf collecting dust.

RuffRyder3958d ago

PES09 will be konami's last chance to redeem them selves from the horrible disaster that is PES2008.

Both fifa08 and euro08 destroyed PES08 both in graphics,game play and online play..if seabass doesn't deliver this time he can kiss my ass for good.

REbirth3958d ago

i disagree with u! the fifa can never have the smooth gameplay that pes have!

boJABER3957d ago

fifa 08 yes delivers more soccer experience this year with license and the soccer feel however the gameplay cannot compete with pes series. overall fifa 08 is better in everything except gameplay. they still need to work on that if they want to beat pes. i have them both and i enjoy soccer realism in fifa 08 and the fun gameplay in pes08

predator3958d ago

fix the online play on Live and PSN, give us more options, expand the master league and above all improve the dam graphics.

okcomputer3958d ago

Don't forget to finally acquire all of the proper epl kits and licenses. Konomi needs to use some of that metal gear money and finally give us all of the real epl teams.

Hoggy19833958d ago

They need to reinvigorate themselves. They found a great gameplay mechanic back on the PS2 and have simply tweaked it year after year, without making any real strides forwards. Indeed, the effort regarding some aspects such as online play and the lack of extras could be branded lazy, negligent and arrogant. That being said, its still a franchise i love and i know ill buy 2009.

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