Hyrule Warriors Wii U Review - DJ Podcasts

Paul from DJ Podcasts writes "Hyrule Warriors will see you face off against thousands and thousands of enemies in the Hyrule universe in this year’s biggest hack and slash game. Hyrule Warriors is not Links next adventure and you won’t be battling through temples and dungeons. So what exactly is it then? "

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MSBAUSTX3178d ago (Edited 3178d ago )

After clicking on this article I added up all of the ratings and then averaged them. The ratings I added together were the ones listed at the bottom of the page under related links. They were, 7.5, 4/5, 3.5/5, 3/5, 9, 7.5, 4/5. Average all of those to a ?/10 number and add them up and you get 53. Divide that by the total max score of 70 and the average score is .757/100. That equals a 7.5 which is exactly what this article says the game is and a 7.5 game that involves anything LOZ is worth buying. Tomorrow will be fun.

wonderfulmonkeyman3178d ago

Augh! Too much math!
Math and I don't see eye to pi.
Let's just say the game is scored semi-highly and that the dlc that's on the way will likely only increase the value and the rating.

MSBAUSTX3178d ago

Perfect summary of what I said. ☺ . I am very excited for tomorrow.

DaGamingKing3176d ago

Thats some good math, glad I came in around the mark. :)

MSBAUSTX3176d ago

So I have played the game. I actually played it for almost 7 hours straight yesterday because it was so addictive. I said on another thread earlier but I believe this game is a solid 8.5.

I would give one point higher if it had real voice acting and if they manipulated the types of enemies in multiplayer so the flow of the game didnt take such a huge hit.

What I mean is that i think they should have lessened the amount of pointless sprites on the field by 25 percent and raised the amount of outpost and keep commanders which would create the need for more than one person trying to kill them. This would have allowed the frame rate, resolution, and lag factor to all be closer to the single player gameplay.

Other than those two things, minor in my oppinion, this game is awesome.