Kris Abel: I've Lost 16 lbs In Six Weeks With Nintendo's Wii Fit

Kris Abel writes in the Tech Life blog for CTV:

"This past Sunday I reached my goal within Wii Fit. My Mii character appeared on screen with a little bit of fanfare to congratulate me and has expressed some concern that I've managed to lose so much weight so quickly. When you first begin the fitness game, you're asked to set a target for weight loss and, simply for the purpose of getting through the menu screens in order to demonstrate the game for our television show, I entered a goal of 16 lbs over six months, the maximum time period you can choose. My weight at the time was listed as being 166.2 lbs so I figured 150 lbs is a nice round figure and aimed for that. To my own surprise, I've managed to reach that goal in just six weeks."

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