Boomtown gives 0/10 to Limbo of the Lost

Harry Neary reports:

''Before I begin my review of Limbo of the Lost I must address the issue of plagiarism which brought this game from the department of obscurity to the forefront of the international attention. Limbo of the Lost will go down in history as one of the most infamous games ever and with just cause. Limbo of the Lost has blatantly stolen environments from PC games such as The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and Thief: Deadly Shadows, to name but a few. The film industry hasn't escaped either with scenes from the game resembling the movies Spawn and Pirates of the Caribbean. Some game developers must be disappointed that they escaped the wrath of Majestic Studio's thievery, seeing as it tried its best to rip off media in general.

It may sound entertaining bringing all these elements from excellent games together in one package, but look at it from this perspective. If you took King Leonidas from 300, mix in a bit of Rocky and throw in a Transformer for good measure what do you get? Meet the Spartans. Point proven.

So damning is the evidence against Majestic Studios that even its own publisher has failed to defend it and has acknowledge the similarities. Tri Synergy has also discontinued distribution from both retail and online stores, which I believe is a very wise decision, although it should have been taking off the shelves long before this for other reasons.''

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Harry1903870d ago

will call that fan service.

SilPho3870d ago

The review might make it out to be terrible, but even so it looks like the kind of game I might like, I miss the old point and clicks.

I can't remember the last time I saw a 0 though, so I have my doubts of course.

Domenikos3869d ago

Its official, reviewers will need a -5/15 range for new games reviews

Alexander Roy3870d ago

From what I have seen, the game should get negative scores. Stealing the work of others and saying you made it? Just plain stupid.

Ridrick3870d ago

This is just wrong, deserves 0.

ChampIDC3870d ago

I believe the Cacodemon in your avatar agrees, and I always agree with Cacodemons, so therefore, I must also agree.

Silogon3870d ago

Boy oh boy is this a joke. I hope they feel good about themselves. I hope they beat that evil game into submission and won over the idiot fanbase at the same time.

Morons. People are so bias anymore it is really sickening.

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The story is too old to be commented.