Piracy in Korea: R4 Triumphant

Game piracy may be somewhat stymied in the West, but in this case study, Seoul-based writer Rumas looks at the Nintendo DS piracy problem in Korea, discussing the cultural and practical problems of game copying.

Quote extract:

"DS may be the current hotspot for piracy in the world of games in Korea, but that certainly doesn't mean the practice is limited to Nintendo's handheld. As is true around the globe, all platforms that can be exploited are.

In line with this, PSP has its fair share of action, as does the Wii. Getting the little white box chipped in Yongsan generally runs the owner about 50,000 Won (just under $50 USD), and the going price for pirated games is 10,000 Won per disc."

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Alexander Roy3871d ago

They pay for pirated games/ROM dumps? How stupid, you can find them everywhere on the internet, for free.
Anyway, piracy is incredible on the DS. Everyone I know that has a DS also got an R4. Not even the "Thank you"-mechanism of FFCC held longer than a week, there were workarounds found within days and a new firmware was available soon after that. Bottomline: Stop the anti-piracy stuff. Pirates will crack them anyway and the only ones that get hurt are the honest customers (see SecuRom600 error).

ice_prophecy3870d ago

Oh man i remember PRince of Persia and Splinter Cell on my PC.

For some reason it didn't work when I put the cd in my drive. The only way I could get it working was by bloody making an image, mounting it AND disconnecting my cd drives.

GOD KNOWS WHY. It was through trial and error.

Bnet3433870d ago

I got an R4, so what Nintendo? Srsly though R4's are great. I love my DS

Imallvol73870d ago

CycloDS is where its at. Just got mine (well, its for my mom's ds, lol) and it works flawlessly.

socomnick3870d ago

Thats what I have with a chuck norris theme.