Really Activision, A Duck Dynasty Game?

There’s a lot of shovel ware games out there that should never have been and Duck Dynasty appears to be the newest addition to the list. Activision is making a game based on the hit show on A&E and will be releasing it next month for Xbox and Playstation consoles as well as the 3DS. This game seems like the worst idea to come out of Activision since Battleship.

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MRMagoo1232395d ago

I may be wrong here, but I feel that the kind of fans of the duck dynasty show that would want this game would probably have a hard time using a console.

Godmars2902395d ago

Supposedly, they're all suburbanites. White-collar. The whole hillbilly act is just an act.

WeAreLegion2395d ago (Edited 2395d ago )

No, it's not an act. Why would you think it's an act? They do everything they do in the show. That's them.

hazelamy2395d ago

but they've got the racism and homophobia down pat.

ShowGun9012395d ago


yes, its all an act, and anybody who cant tell the show is scripted probably also believes WWE isn't scripted...

who's life actually goes: what zany adventure will we get into today? uh oh, something went wrong, somebodys mad (or sad, or generally upset...), everybody pulls through in the end and learns a valueable lesson about friendship or family! yay!

thats pretty much every duck dynasty episode ive ever seen... (ive seen WAY too many, my in-laws are REALLY into this stuff...)

Godmars2902395d ago

As hard as it may be to believe; reality TV is not real. Its staged and/or edited to be whatever the producers want it to be.

MRMagoo1232394d ago

all the A and E shows are fake from what I have researched, baggage battles, storage wars, hardcore pawn all of em have made up situations to make the show more exciting. I would prefer if it was all real myself.

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DeadRabbits2395d ago

I'm waiting for the Swamp People game that will be far more classier!

kparks2394d ago

Lol shoot em shoot em da heeeead!

JsonHenry2395d ago

Most of the people I know that watch this show are regular people you wouldn't even think would enjoy watching the show. I've never watched the show myself but I can't see how it would be made into a game based on the few commercials I've watched about it a few years ago.

Mankey2395d ago

Even though the show is ridiculous and the people are silly, I see no reason this game should not be alloud to exist.

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CerealKiller2395d ago

I could have sworn I read a few years back that Activision was getting out of the licensed movie and TV games business. I'm surprised they even make money on these garbage games I always wonder who is buying them.

weekev152395d ago

I could be wrong here but wont the show pay them to make it?

CerealKiller2395d ago

Activision pays them to use the license, most likely in the form of royalties on games sold.

Eonjay2395d ago

And they talk bad about indies... this is somewhere under games that would be called shovelware.

SteamPowered2395d ago

This would fit somewhere beneath shovelware. Has the terms garbageware or toiletware been coined yet?

LightDiego2395d ago

Activision...It's difficult to accept that Bungie, Blizzard, Crash Bandicoot and Spyro are with them.

Tiqila2395d ago

I never understood why Blizzard joined Activision (or partnered with them or whatever exactly their relationship is)

Snookies122395d ago

Extra piles of money to lay upon. That's why they joined them. Blizzard had tons of money, but they wanted even more.

SteamPowered2395d ago

Gotta follow the dollar, son. Activision still has a lot of licenses worth pursuing.

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