Gamer 2.0 previews Fable 2

Gamer 2.0 reports:

''While Peter Molyneux has notoriously goofed up on numerous occasions when it comes to explaining the features in his games, one thing that we can surely be certain on is that Fable II will offer plenty of new ideas and dynamics. Given your expectations of the first game, and whether or not you took Molyneux's apology into fruition, this sequel looks to branch out the action, character development, story, and environments to give gamers a "truly memorable experience, "as stated by Molyneux himself. Before you go off and express your anger on the message boards about Molyneux's potential lies, read on to find out some of the new and exciting things you can perform and interact with in Fable II.

Fable II continues the story set down from the first game but follows in the footsteps on an entirely new character. The story begins with a boy and his sister off on an adventure to find a magical music box that grants wishes as magic lamps would. After the two siblings finally gain access to the box and wish to live in a magical castle in the heart of town, no sooner are their words muttered than they are whisked away into the center of a luxurious, stone structure. Once inside you meet one Lord Lucien, who informs you that he is searching for various characters called Heroes. Nothing much more is said to his purpose of these Heroes or what their tasks will be for him, but it's quite an interesting premise to say the least. After meeting with Lucien you are then shoved ten years into the future to begin your journey of good or evil.''

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