Game Vortex reviews Haze

Ricky Tucker writes:

''Sound is one of Haze's few stand-out elements. Even though most of the dialogue is poorly written and overly repetitious, the voicework isn't all that bad. I mean, if you're going to make every soldier in the game sound like an amped-up frat boy, you might as well have a bunch of guys who can yell loudly - right? Gunfire, explosions and most of the other sound effects are really good and have just the right amount of impact.

At best, Haze's visuals are mid-level quality. Textures are blurry and muddy and there are a handful of visual glitches that seem to pop in a little too often. If they aren't twitching around with their limited animation sets, characters will slip through environmental objects. Although some of the character designs look nice, they are also incredibly generic and fall into the current "space marines in power armor" pit that nearly every game since Halo has found its way into. With a few rare exceptions, most of the levels also have a "been there, shot that" quality. About the only things that look good are the visual effects like smoke and blurry lighting.''

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