Game Vortex reviews Kung Fu Panda DS

Ricky Tucker reports:

''Kung Fu Panda deserves more credit for its animation system than the overall visual picture. Although everything is true to the movie and looks decent, some parts look a little too muddy, almost as if there was an attempt to squeeze in as many details as possible. However, considering the source material, less may have been better.

Getting back to the animation system, the swipe-based control system requires a lot of flexibility and freedom. There are a few minor hiccups, though they aren't that noticeable with the only problems being a result of some not-so-different stylus motions.

While the visuals aren't particularly impressive, sound is really good. The background music always fits the situation and there's a lot of voice acting during story sequences, which is pretty impressive for a DS game. The quality isn't the best, but Po's personality really comes through.''

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