The Crew Console Beta Dates Revealed

8BitChimp says, "Thanks to a receipt from pre-ordering The Crew, the dates for the upcoming The Crew console beta may be out now."

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Immorals3046d ago

Tough date to have a beta (on the one anyway..)

MaximusPrime_3046d ago

Already cancelled the game. Opt for DriveClub and Project CARS....

I signed up for beta few weeks ago. It would be nice for me to try it and make me reconsider..
This game is not my "must-have" anyway..

pompous3046d ago

Yeah I cancelled my preorder as well once I heard it was coming to the xbox 360 as well. By hearing that it ruined it for me as I was hoping it would be next gen only because these cross gen games are ruining the potential for some of these games and since it's a big open world you don't need it to be gimp do to last gen. Cross gen is fine when the systems are 5-6 maybe 7 yrs old not going on 9 yrs. I don't care if people haven't jump in the new gen yet, devs need to stop making games cross gen and force people to be with games or upgrade.

wannabe gamer3046d ago

considering how many new releases there are around that time period it may be tough

SteamPowered3046d ago

Not a whole lotta sweet racers out on Pc right now. I may pick this up to ease my Forza 2 butthurt.

Whirlwind_Fanfare_083046d ago

I really hope i qualify for the beta test! i've been wanting to play a racing game so bad.

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