PCGH: Radeon HD 4850: Benchmark Review

Today PCGH can deliver benchmark results of AMD's Radeon HD 4850. They check the RV770's performance with several games and synthetic benchmarks.

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Ghoul3870d ago

Sorry but ever since intel and geforce launched the dualcore and 8800 combo

amd and ati can seriously go home. those benchmarks results are a joke


Are you serious. Ok several reasons why you fail
1. The 4850 gets about 65% percent of the GT280's power. This means you could crossfire them and still be paying less money, for more power.
2. This card was only meant to be a competitor to the 8800GT which it does beat.
3. If we assume that the 4870 (a competitor to the 9800GTX and is supposed to beat it by similar margins to the 4850&8800gt) then AT WORST we will see 75% of the GT280's power. Again crossfire would dominate it.

Then we have the 4870X2. This will trash the GT280 and assuming previous estimation are correct it will have 150% of the GT280's power. Grab two of these and yuo have 300% times the GT280's power. The GT280 can get near this, because thanks to retarded Nvidia drivers. The GT280 doesn't see any gains with a third card.

And don't expect a dual GPU GT280/260 card. The TDP would be over 500w and the noise and temp would be through the roof. So basically unless you are bill gates who bathes his PC in liquid nitrogen and encases it in stone. Then Nvidia and you both fail


deeznuts3870d ago

It doesn't beat the GT280. There are some tests it may beat it, but it's fairly even with GT280 possibly winning slightly more..

It does hold up quite nicely though against the 8800GT and 9800GTX. The 8800GT can be had cheaper still, closer to 100 then 200. But it slots nicely in between that and the 9800GTX. Might be my next card if prices come down from $190.

ironmunk3870d ago

You do understand this is the entry level of the new lot of AMD cards right... and its beating the 3870X2 a lot of the time?

and you think this is bad?

right... you go spend your life savings on a GTX280, for me this means AMD could be back in the game in a serious way, I can't wait to see what the 4870 with GDDR5 will be able to do, should be interesting

Ghoul3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

you cant argue that a crossfire ati will be faster than the g200 chips the new nvidia are singlecards atm, so we will see how amd will compete to a 280gx2

Such claims have no meaning, for me the card underperforms greatly, and i really dont see why amd would want to comepete with the 8800 gt

whats the price on this ati card ? can anyone enlighten me

Xi3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

I believe the starting price is 199.99 (219.99 canadian).

also, we'll see how the new nvidia cards compete with the X2 from ATI.

Scerick3870d ago

I'm pretty sure that if I can buy a crossfire setup that competes with the GT200's for less money than the GT200's I'm going to buy the crossfire setup. I mean, are there seriously people out there who consider themselves gamers that don't have two PCIE 16x's?

Ghoul3870d ago


now you nailed it

im a gamer since 20 years but i wont buy a sli system never, nice to see this discussion is obsolete since you guys seem to be a litle to hardcore for my taste.

im out cu

Scerick3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

I fail to see how being conscious with money is "hardcore". I consider it smart. If $440 buys me the performance of $660 from the competitor, I'll be buying that $440 setup (even then I think these cards are debuting at $199.99, not $219.99).

Just for reference I currently am running an 8800 GT. These new ATI cards are looking very appealing, can't wait to see what the 4870 is capable of.

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y0haN3870d ago

Might swap my 8800GT overheating piece of sh!t for one of these badboys.

any idea how long they are?

NRG3870d ago

You can easily fix the overheating issue with manually changing the fan speed with third party software before playing a game. I use Rivatuner for it.


This is all good but I wan't to see some 4870 benchies. Shame that the X2 might be a month away.