Take a Look at All of Super Smash Bros. 3DS’ Alternate Character Looks

With the recent Japanese release of Super Smash Bros. 3DS, a lot of information has been revealed left and right over the last few weeks. However, one thing that is easily overlooked is the multiple character looks and costumes that have been added within the game. Check out the full gallery right here.

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RosweeSon2189d ago

No thanks it's not even out here until the 3rd October, I like a little whats it called?... Surprise!!

3-4-52189d ago

Same here.

I've been avoiding so much about this..

Already spoiled the final roster and stages for myself, but I've avoided the demo & gameplay videos & a few other things.

I want to experience some of these things for the first time myself.

Sgt_Slaughter2189d ago

Little Mac with 16 colors/costumes... weird, but awesome!

Really like the classic Gameboy Kirby and Dedede colors the most here.