Opinion and Analysis:The age of opportunity

Michael French reports:

''This past week I had the opportunity to spend time with not one, but six of the senior execs at Sony Computer Entertainment, from David Reeves through to members of the third-party relations team, R&D chiefs and Phil Harrison replacement Shuhei Yoshida.
Amongst them I could sense an upbeat mood – there's definitely a newer optimism in the air of the company. With the likes of Kaz Hirai and Shuhei Yoshida leading global strategy from Japan, and people like David Reeves pushing the message out across the vast PAL territory, it also seems like these already-experienced execs are ready to have a hand in driving the industry further forward.''

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Silogon3826d ago

These idiots, DAvid Reeves aside, are the reason Sony is sinking. They're shifting focus aways from where it needs to be and hasn't been since the ps3 launched. that means they're getting even further away from the place they should be.

Casual games are not the answer. Small psn games are not the answer, sure they're a fun diversion but you don't buy a 400, 500 or 600 dollar hd machine to play 10 min mini games and you don't buy it to play rockband or guitarhero. You'd buy something cheaper. The xbox 360.

Sony litterally woke up retarded this generation. It's like they want to appeal to the same crowd as nintendo or Microsoft but at a hardcore price. It makes no sense at all. Sony should've marketed their system as a hardcore machine for tech heads and tech heads only. They should've never came out with half the 3rd party crap they did that only made the systme look worse than it already does. area 51, turok, Haze and many others lend credence to my case.

Sony should've set a bar of quality and ran the gauntlet to get only the very best games on their system. Fukesing diversity, this is a hardcore machine and your hardcore is what buys games. Casuals don't.

Supply those users with enough good content and stay at it. Don't convert hardcore to casual, never do that. Convert casuals to hardcore.

This is what will drive your sales. you know I'm right.

Pornlord3826d ago

I agree with you siligon, I'll even go a step further and say that I'm tired of everything REQUIRING multiplayer as well. If we don't watch it, they will slowly phase out our hardcore market to where we get about 2 games a year that are actually worth a damn, and we'll see about 4 single player titles, the rest online only. I know it's far fetched, but I don't like where this going.

kingOVsticks3826d ago

I think every single one of them played through MGS4...damn that's a good game almost forgot what a good single player experienced felt like.