Twilight Hack protection already beaten

Nintendo's going to have to devise more minor Mii Channel upgrades, because they'll have more homebrew-killing attempts to barely camouflage. Almost immediately after the new Wii Menu 3.3 software went up and killed the Twilight Hack, coders at the HackMii blog figured out what the new code was: surprisingly, it was targeted specifically at the one Twilight Princess bug that enables homebrew loading. And they found bugs in that.

Soon after, they wrote up some code that exploits the bugs in the new security code, and allows them to "fool their check into ignoring the TP hack." They have yet to release the fix yet, but at least it'll stop our panicking until the next update.

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Alexander Roy3958d ago

Hackers 1, Nintendo 0.
You can do whatever you want, as long as it is written by a human, another human will find a vulnerable spot.

vitz33958d ago

Word. DAX and the rest of the M33 team on the PSP are proof.

mepsipax3957d ago

You here Dark Alex already decrypted 4.00, sweetness I love owning a PSP, I've had one for three years now and only bricked it once (but I have pandora)

badz1493958d ago (Edited 3958d ago )

once they found a hole for hacking, there are really nothing else left you can do to try to block it! they will still find a way around even with the latest security updates just by a little tweak of the earlier hack! that's how it was bound to be and will always be! it's just a security update for god sake! the main hardware and system are still the same! it happened with all other consoles before and it's really a hard task to make a hack-proof console when hackers are actually racing with each other to hack every single console being release from day one! that's why you should protect your system from the inside out like the PS3.

the Cell BE is highly secured from the hardware design level which means that the CELL was built with security in mind! plus sony is confident enough with their security to let users install the open source LINUX which most hackers are using! still up till today, people still can't even access the RSX let alone CELL! I'm not saying the PS3 is hack-proof because nothing is but sony is doing a great job to delay the hacking process and to a certain extend, they're somewhat successfull! nearly 2 years of it's lifespan, the PS3 remain the only console unhacked!

tatotiburon3958d ago

the gamecube took until it final days to be time PS3 will fall also.

Xakep3958d ago

Dude, Gamecube was hacked well before its final days.

G4drake3958d ago

i knew it.

hackers 1 nintendo 0 indeed

Xakep3958d ago

The hack is already out there and now it's that much more difficult to cover up, just ask Sony on the PSP.

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