E3 - Media and Business Summit 2008 - Full Game List

With the E3 Media and Business event taking place at the famous Los Angeles Convention Centre for this year's annual games gathering for the worlds invited games press, it's only right that we take a closer look at some of the latest facts and rumours surrounding Sony's master plan approach to its key demonstrations and show floor exhibits for this years showing.

With only 3 weeks to go before the show kicks off on July 15th-17th, it's only right that we establish the full list of attendees and their partially rumoured titles and confirmed expectances before the show begins, to truly see who will be present and who will be unveiling what. There is always an element of surprise at each E3 event, with all three major competitors battling for floor space and media attention, so that consumers remain focused and attributed to their products for the next fiscal year, it makes sense that Sony needs to maintain a heavy hand on this years staging, simply because it is seriously under pressure this time around to bring out the big guns.

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Wildarmsjecht3825d ago

This should be an exciting E3. I always love waiting for sites like PSU and IGN to post vids and play by play events of whats happening. Makes my wallet cry, but I swell up with anticipation.

TheExecutive3825d ago

I hope they do something in the HOME beta... I bet they will, now that they have the media and events center :)

Wildarmsjecht3825d ago

Yep, but unfortunately, I haven't been picked for the beta. Would be cool to go to the event through Home. You'd know which one was me because I think clothes are overrated. :)

Daver3825d ago

there is some mistakes in that list... star ocean IV not V and its coming to xbox for now.. spore is coming to console? i thought it was just PC and i thought 2 worlds was coming to ps3

PS360WII3825d ago

Yeah I like how they sneaked in the Star Ocean for PS3 as well ;) what can you do maybe they will announce it for PS3 at E3?

Bangai-O Spirits looks intense! and I'm looking forward to many of those games on the list.

I highly doubt any mention of Kingdom Hearts or a platform will be talked about at this E3

gta444443825d ago

where is dead island? silent hill 5?