Xbox Live Update Does Very Little

A small update has been made which apparently wasn't ready in time for the update a week ago. A quick explanation of the update on Major Nelson's blog is as followed:

"I wanted to give everyone a heads up that there is dash update that will start to roll out around 0200 (am) PT today. There are no new features in this update. There is one, small fix that improves character recognition for those users that are using the localized Chinese language version of the dashboard on their Xbox 360. You'll get prompted for this mandatory update the next time you connect to Xbox Live. (Yes, you need to take the update even if you don't use the Chinese language version of the dash keyboard.) I wanted to let you guys know what's in the update, since I was sure you'd ask anyway."

This echoes a few economical and world political events, such as United States attempting to open the market to China even more. The move has been controversial however, as it has been suggested that the move may allow for the Chinese government to purchase electronics to help further their military expanse. The move has been described by economic experts as something that will mostly be an advantage to Chinese consumers allowing for American electronics and software such as computers, videogames, and popular consumer software to be easily exported there. The move also shows the commitment to China which as a whole has gone relatively untapped by the videogame industry.

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ok this is dumb but I guess informative

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