PlayStation.Blog: Killzone 2 Cover Story in the Mail

Posted by Mike Graham // Associate Producer, SCEA Santa Monica Studio

Hello, I just wanted to bring to your attention to something a lot of people have been wanting to see more of since last E3: Yes that's right, new Killzone 2 coverage. We've got a big cover story coming up with the August issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly which should hit subscribers by the end of the week. Everyone else should be able to get their hands on it near the end of June/beginning of July on newsstands. The cover story contains a lot of great Killzone 2 coverage, including background on where the franchise has taken us, new gameplay reveals, as well as information about the developer, Guerrilla Games. Did I mention that this is also EGM's official E3 issue as well?

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Lifendz3773d ago

and I'm subscribed to the Playstation Official Mag. Good job EGM.

kingOVsticks3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

hope is not in that damn Qore thing either 30 dollars kind of steep for a digital magazine >_> but im might cave in sooner or later

Voozi3773d ago

You can just pay $3 for the month the beta is issued in.

Lifendz3773d ago

we get online for free. Let Sony try to recoup some money from us. Not like you HAVE to pay to play online or download demos. No biggie. Betas are a different matter. You at least have the option. Certain consoles just make you pay from the outset to do anything.

chasuk083773d ago

OOOOO UFC 2009 preview. There better be some new screenshots and details as its been a year snce with seen any new videos.

jkhan3773d ago

Some details on multiplayer, a new level would be cool:P

PSMonster213773d ago

I hope so. I want to see some multiplayer action. I already know the singleplayer is nice, now show me what you got going for the multiplayer.

meepmoopmeep3773d ago

hopefully we can find some good scans online. or they add some bonus stuff to Qore.

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The story is too old to be commented.