Pump up the volume-Joerg Trouvain Interview

What does Activision do after reporting record profits of $345m? It looks for more growth. Call of Duty, Bond and Guitar Hero are all amongst new arrivals this year.Joerg Trouvain is the man being asked to crank his sales amp up to eleven. Stuart Dinsey reports.

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Silogon3774d ago

Oh, man I was amped for a movie tie in game for a second. Wouldn't that have killed all? Think about it, you hide out from the law and the FCC doing pirate radio shows from your parents basement, a shirtless make out with some retched wildebeest named Nora and then you and her jump into a jeep loaded down with broadcasting equipment and take your show on the road in hopes of throwing the fcc off from where you are.

Man, it would've been killer. Then I saw the Activision logo and thought, nope. They'd just ruin it like they do everything.