Rumor: Sony Plans To Screw Third Party Publishers

According to Kotaku several industry insiders report that to cover demo download costs, Sony is currently considering charging third party developers. Here's what Sony is apparently thinking: Every time an individual downloads a demo, a service charge will be passed onto the third party developer. So they will pay for you to try out their games, instead of vice-versa. Unconfirmed, but it seems that this way the PS3's online service stays "free," Sony cuts its loses and third party developers get reamed.

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Sphinx4352d ago

...wouldn't just charge $50 a year for premium online service like the 360. Do you have how much $50 a year is? Less than $1 a week.

marcusfenix4352d ago (Edited 4352d ago )

Their online is crap and would be ripping people off charging for it. If they charged it should be $5 a month. Resistance doesn't even have 12 players online at any given time during deathmatches. Whats the point of 40 player online if there are only 15 people online LOL. Not enough people will use their online so they shouldn't lose very much money.

OutpostCommand4351d ago

The other day I counted 800 ppeople online.

Tut4352d ago

Eh, why not charge them? It makes sense when comparing to every other product in the world. When it is sampled who pays for the samples? The company producing it does. Why? To get the name out there and get people interested.

It sucks if your product is crappy, but maybe it will encourage people to not be lazy and produce the best results they possibly can?

I couldn't see a huge cost on each download anyway, but it could add up to some substantial losses. We'll see though haha!

BIadestarX4352d ago (Edited 4352d ago )

I like your logic. Too bad it does not work. Why? Because there is a small little console and a tiny little company called microsoft that does not charge game developers to advertise their games by publishing their demos. Where do you think these developers will go? Yes... to the 360. Eventually if you wan't to play demos you will have to get the 360 or subscribe to a magazine. It cost developers enough developing games for the PS3; what make you think they are willing to pay more to advertise their games? Sony needs to stop sh**ing where they eat. 3rd party developers place Sony where it's at. Without all these 3rd party exclusive game; Sony is dead.

CyberSentinel4351d ago

So True, Bladestar. I cant believe some "gamers" can't see this. Have they learned nothing from Nintendo's Third Party Abandonment? (N64-GC)

$ony Loves You.

(unless you develop games for them)

Boink4352d ago

developers are already pissed at sony, this would help that immensly.

DJ4352d ago

you just want to see them go down in flames, huh?

Boink4352d ago

I think they need to be taken down a few pegs as

Boink4352d ago

all I want is them to be taken down a few pegs as their arrogance and lack of respect for the ps2 fanbase that has kept this company alive when every other department was failing annoys me to no end.

they seem to think that SONY=god and everyone will buy their stuff regardless. (even without games [end quote])

I have said before, I wouldn't want them to dissapear as that would lead to less competition from MS and nintendo. but sony finishing 2nd or 3rd might be the best thing for gamers as it mean they will actually work harder in the next round.

and with tough competition, we win:)

DJ4351d ago

"Sony's too successful, so we need to take them down! Then Microsoft can be number one for videogames!! Bwahaha."

God, gimme a break. I guess that means we need to take down Dell, Intel, Microsoft, Apple, and Myspace for being too successful too, huh?

CyberSentinel4351d ago

The unfunny thing is DJ, their doing it to themselves. Sony's Arrogance is their own worst enemy.

CyberSentinel4351d ago (Edited 4351d ago )

It's not like that for me DJ. Sony came along when we really needed an alternative to Nintendo's monopoly with their cartridge based proprietary format. Remember paying 59.99 and 69.99 for "inferior limited megabytes of memory" games, because they weren't satisfied collecting licensing fees, from each and every game manufacturer for each and every game! No, they wanted royalties for their non standard format to. They did not believe they could be toppled. They really believed that 800 pound gorilla hype. Then came along this little company named Sony and saved us from Nintendo's arrogance. They gave gamers what they wanted. They had all the base's covered, from (E) rated titles to (M). Third party devolopers supported them and abandoned Nintendo, and made Sony the company it is today. Who here has never had a playstation? we all loved our playstation 1 and playstation 2. Unfortunately, I see history repeating itself, in so many similarities, its scary.

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Chronical4352d ago

Another reason for third parties to prefer the 360. im not surprised sony got no money to pay for that sh!t

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