IGN: Hellboy: The Science of Evil AU Hands-on

Narayan Pattison from IGN AU writes:

"After our visit to Krome's studios it's abundantly clear that the team members working on it are absolutely huge Hellboy fans. Their faces would glow whenever they talked of previous meetings with Hellboy creator Mike Mignola or film director Guilermo Del Toro (both of whom had considerable creative input into the videogame). Discussions about the game were also peppered with tonnes of background info on exactly how a certain weapon or character fits into the mythology and artistic styles of the various Hellboy incarnations (comics, cartoons and films).

Athough Hellboy: The Science of Evil's visual style is most reminiscent of Del Toro's films, there are subtle differences in Hellboy himself (namely his glowing eyes and a more chiselled look) that incorporate elements of the more stylised comics. With his distinctive look nailed and Ron Pearlman also voicing the in-game character, Hellboy fans should be very satisfied with his on-screen persona."

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