Report: why the Xbox One was delayed in China

The China release of the Xbox One was weirdly delayed by a week at the last second. What gives? Here's one theory.

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2396d ago
aviator1892396d ago

I don't think demand had anything to do with it.
All reports are suggesting it was due to last minute hiccups regarding the games approval process by the chinese government.

Torque_CS_Lewith2395d ago

Using logic to respond to a top comment, commendable.

Webbyy2395d ago

lack of demand? Everyone who believes that are not using their heads.

mhunterjr2395d ago

could you provide 1 solid reason why a company would implement a 1 week delay to combat a lack of demand?

nX2395d ago

Does sarcasm count as a solid reason?

troylazlow2395d ago


mhunterjr2395d ago

Sarcasm? I don't think it means what you think it means...

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Torque_CS_Lewith2395d ago

just in quality check, you can never be too sure about things manufactured in...China

hello122395d ago

I say its true Microsoft said yesterday they are only releasing 10 games when it launches and are waiting on 70 more games to get approved by the Chinese government.

The ten games are what you call family friendly and not sure if those games will interest Chinese gamers? Its a tough place to do business.

Artista 2395d ago

Why are you concerned about the reception of Xbox One in China?

troylazlow2395d ago

Because it's an untapped market 1.3 billion

Bereaver2395d ago

It's not an untapped market. It's been sold here at almost every electronic outlet, it just wasn't officially released.

And the market isn't 1.3 billion. Only about 100 million have the possibility to buy it because they can afford it where as probably only a million or two will decide to actually buy it.

The same goes with the PS4 although it does have more appeal at the moment.

ScorpiusX2395d ago

Plus it would be nice if MS was the leading console in China and beside the 1.3 billion people is a nice incentive.