Why Gone Home Can Be As Important to the Gaming Industry As Half Life 2

Gastón, from Twinfinite, shares some of his thoughts about how the gaming industry can learn a lot from over-criticized innovative games such as Gone Home.

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Snookies121485d ago

Seriously, what was the big deal about this game? It was cool and all, but nothing special. Unless I'm missing something...

SpiralTear1485d ago

It's okay. Not a mess, not a gem. Just okay.

Godmars2901485d ago

Could think of it as "things to come" if reviews become a thing of promotion, rather than reviews.

WilliamUsher1485d ago

This is true.

Native ads... transmedia promotion... "commerce journalism".

jon12341485d ago

it was not a good game... it was not ok... this game HAD potential, but ended up being an over rated, horrible 90's, anticlimactic game!

TheWackyMan1485d ago

Good things it's not a game.

Clunkyd1485d ago

Yeah, the ending was hugely disappointing in my opinion. I don't see anything special about this game.

Blacktric1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

"Seriously, what was the big deal about this game"

Lesbian protagonist, which ended up being a mental masturbation material for SJWs on internet to s**t on AAA games, and nothing else.

It came from the same hole where "games" like Depression Quest came. Which is why Polygon ended up giving it a 10/10 even before it's released...

Story quality - WTF
Like this website - NO

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Wni01485d ago

Gone Home is a good game, but lez be honest, it is basically a giant f*cking walkable cutscene.

Comparing that with the titan that is Half Life 2, (even just on a storytelling level,) is pretty blasphemous and could be considered treason if I were the president of some videogame council.

TedCruzsTaint1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

How can it be described as a cutscene if there was actual investigation required in order to proceed?
This isn't on the same level as Dear Esther, by any means. It required real work and thought from the player.

TedCruzsTaint1485d ago

People don't know what they are talking about. Half the people that support you tend to never have played the game.
Oh well.

DeadRabbits1485d ago


Love that reference stuck in there bi the way!

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SpiralTear1485d ago

"...its narrative success is based on how every part of the game works together to achieve something."

I severely disagree with this. Gone Home doesn't make the player (or the character they control) feel important. The things you do really don't have a meaning once the credits roll. Some will say "well, that's the point" but doesn't mean that the GOTY praise is justified. It's hollow and the player's impact on the events is near-pointless.

Also, the ending is something that's heavily implied within the first minute of gameplay. The conclusion is so predictable that it makes every other bit of activity that the player has meaningless.

I like the tone, the 90's setting, but calling this an instant classic or even a Game of the Year nominee is ridiculous. It's not a trainwreck, but it has flaws. LOTS of them.

spartanlemur1485d ago

I found it somewhat boring. I've played better Half Life 2 mods.

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The story is too old to be commented.