Check out Lionhead's cool (but canceled) adventure game.

Lionhead Incubation revealed it prototype for a canceled game. It's to note that this just a prototype not a full game. The Incubation team was formed in 2013 to find new ideas for future games.

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98xpresent1484d ago

It's looks like a Playstation game . Not a bad thing btw

XiMasterChief1484d ago

How does it look like a PlayStation game

christocolus1484d ago

Was going to ask him the same question you beat me to it.

NiteX1484d ago

Guess it reminds him of Puppeteer?

fr0sty1484d ago

It looks like a PS game because it is artistic, imaginative, and approaches things from a slightly different (albeit similar in visual style to puppeteer) approach vs. the usual games out there.

Not surprised MS canned it.

AngelicIceDiamond1484d ago

(Sigh) MS once again cancelling games..

Septic1484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

Smh. Where does it say MS cancelled it? It could have not gone into production for a myriad of different reasons.

Charybdis1484d ago

Love to see more of the ideas the studio had which didn't went into full development. Hope they will show more of these ideas might not be good marketing for microsoft as this might reflect poorle on them for not developing some of these ideas into full games

its_JEFF1484d ago

hahaha... no need to be hostile to the guy. He's just stating his opinion. Here's why I think it reminds him of a PS game: It looks like a game that won't be embraced by the General public, therefore will probably lose money.

Tell me, who has a history of backing/approving smaller artsy projects that never come close to making its money back? Sony or MS?

gangsta_red1483d ago


"(Sigh) MS once again cancelling games.."

MS canceled this game? After reading the article it says this was only a prototype and never went into full production.

Do you have another link that says MS canceled the game themselves?

Just stop, you already have 6 bubbles. No need to play "that" game to try and gain more!

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jjonez181484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

It looks like something creative and story-driven, no pun intended lol. Like something out of Sony Japan Studio (Pupeteer), Sony London (Wonderbook) or a Media Molecule/Sumo Digital side project. Had it not flashed the Lionhead and Microsoft Studio splash screens in the beginning, you could have fooled me and told me it as a Playstation game.

It would have been a niche title, but I would welcome some variety coming out of MS Studios.

annoyedgamer1484d ago

Ori and the Blind forest, Sunset Overdrive are being released.

And Ori is developed by Moon studios, which Microsoft owns.

uptownsoul1484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

@annoyedgamer Your right about Ori, but the problem is that those creative new IP's are made by Microsoft so infrequently. I mean there are very few games I know that Microsoft develops that isn't a shooter of some sort, or a racer. I mean Fable, Ori, and Project Spark are the only Microsoft developed games that don't scream shooter or racer. Oh and we can include CrackDown in that because it's a 50/50 RPG-Shooter. But where are the platformers, Action/adventure, sports-sim games?

aviator1891484d ago

Aw, wth. That actually looks nice.

christocolus1484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

That looked really good...LionHead currently has 2unannounced titles in development (outside the fable universe )&i would love to see them borrow some ideas from inkheart for use in the others.then there's also Eden falls (a rumored title in development) linked to lionhead and lift studios.

I'm expecting some really great stuff from Rare, Lionhead,lift etc especially now that Phil Harrison&Ken lobb are overseeing MS 1st party efforts in europe.

aviator1891484d ago

I'm actually more excited for their two unannounced games than I am for fable legends. I Just hope one of those is a new ip and the other is a proper Fable 4 game.

christocolus1484d ago

I actually felt same way until my friends told me about their hands on with the game at E3. Its a different take from the usual fable formula( heroes and villain).my brother will be picking it up at launch so i get to try his copy before making up my mind but I'm also eager to see what the talented devs at the studio can cook up. Something new and fresh would be highly welcome..

aviator1891484d ago

I'll give the beta a go and see how it goes from there.
I'm just more worried because they've only showed co-op stuff so far and nothing from the story (which is the absolute primary reason why I buy the fable games).

poppinslops1484d ago

Good luck with that... I tried signing up for the beta, but the link in the Confirmation E-mail led to a page about: Blank...

Hopefully they'll put it in the store, like the Project Spark Beta.

qwerty6761484d ago

"..LionHead currently has 2unannounced titles in development"


christocolus1484d ago onhead-studios-hiring-for-xbox- one-title/0189305 icrosoft-revived-lionheads-eden -falls-project-for-xbox-one/ 2420_Lionhead-working-on-new-ga me-unrelated-to-Fable.aspx 4/02/16/lionhead-working-on-una nnounced-xbox-one-game-in-unrea l-engine-4-will-have-real-time- lighting/ ble_anniversary/news/lionhead_i s_developing_a_non-fable_game.h tml

If the links appear broken just try to fix them by deleting any spaces between the letters. They usually appear broken when i post with my phone.

gameon19851483d ago

were the hell have you been you are not aware of this info?

gamerfan09091484d ago

I still say to this the most devastating news ever was when Lionhead announced they cancelled B.C for the original Xbox. The idea's and limited footage they showed of the game were so epic and potentially game changing. Idk if it would've lived up to the hype, because Molyenux has a way of overhyping his games, but damn that game was ambitious. Now with the tech they have at their disposal they need to revive that game for the XB1. Easily one of those big what if games.

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PudgeyBurrito1484d ago

Does anyone else think it kinda looks like a game that would be on playstation?

Septic1484d ago

Yes. The guy who made the first comment 5 hours ago.

PudgeyBurrito1484d ago

Omg !!! He stole my thoughts before I thought of it !!! Clearly he has a time machine. Always knew they were real.

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