Metal Gear Silly

It’s been long enough, for those of us who finished Ground Zeroes, to come to terms with the whiplash-inducing turn that Hideo Kojima took in presenting his new, mature vision for the Metal Gear franchise.

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s45gr321485d ago

Is not Metal Gear without some silliness

MysticStrummer1485d ago

Yup every one of them, at least from MGS on, has silly moments.

LackTrue4K1485d ago

its crazy to see how Metal Gear Solid puts a lot of silliness in there games, but there game play is not to be taken like a joke.

they make there games "Solid" as hell!

Rainbowcookie1485d ago

The way Kojima does it, it's almost tongue in cheek , but it almost always adds to the gameplay or attention to details. I think it started when he made the first metal gear and because of the technology of the time he had to change certain parts of his vision, but I'm glad it has humor, it makes it even more special .

AntoineDcoolette1485d ago

You have to agree though that he overdid it with the skat humor and bowel movements in MGS4 with Akiba :-/

I hope there isn't a resident pants shitter in MGSV

burza19821485d ago

That will be the best game ever created.
Silliness? What silliness? No one force you to use this commands for horse and stick label on boxes. Game will be so serious with Big drama, the people themselves will want some chill occasionally.

Inception1485d ago

I remembered when the 1st time Psycho Mantis read my memory card in MGS 1. Lol good time and i'm glad Kojima 'silliness' not decreasing in MGS V.

hkgamer1485d ago

im wondering what mgsv will crossover with aswell.

mgs 2 had skateboard
mgs 3 had ape escape
mgs 4 didnt have anything apart from lots of easter eggs
pw had monster hunter

seppo911485d ago

Well, Lisa from P.T is already in it. But yeah looking forward to finding all secrets and easter eggs!

hkgamer1485d ago

i meant like sub game/mission. mgsV will probably have a disturbing number of easter eggs :D

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