Final Fantasy XV - TGS 2014 Trailer Analysis (Secrets & Hidden Details)

GameXplain: "With a demo coming next year, Square Enix has finally released a new trailer for Final Fantasy XV. So we thought it was time to finally give it a closer look to see what secrets and hidden details it had. We analyze the combat, how the dodge system will work, and whether it will have more in common with classic Final Fantasies than we think. All this and more in our latest analysis!"

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killacal131575d ago

Why are you getting disagrees? Man, I cant' wait either, I wish they would have a release window at least.

-Foxtrot1575d ago

Probably because after hearing what that arogant new director has said and the fact the game seems to have went through bad gameplay changes since when it was Versus.....people are skeptical now.

FF13 is happening all over again

vishmarx1575d ago (Edited 1575d ago )

take a look at this thread.
a bit reassuring
its like you set up you moves for a particular situation beforehand, something like a mixture of gambit and kh abilities,but using manual actions once in it. thats the only way they can implement the hundreds of animations the game seems to have.
notice how he shoves goblins but backflips when behemoth attacks.
fire attack on goblins is a straight line aoe but a focused blast on behemoth that sets it on fire

besides no ff has had a bad combat system , not numbered , not even portables.
as bad as 13 was , the combat, when fully unlocked was one of the best things about it

regardless, i keep my judgments for when i play it.
day 1 demo for me.

Zichu1575d ago


I have to say, I like the idea of this system. Don't think I have ever been disappointed with any of the battle systems in FF.

Magicite1574d ago

I swear this game will be out fall 2015 or early 2016 as latest (Japan), mark my words.

Kumomeme1574d ago

if delay 2017 then what are you gonna do?
2015 full of AAA title there are chance that square delay the launch due to find spot in market

3-4-51574d ago

* SE has the right talent, but the wrong management.

Kumomeme1574d ago (Edited 1574d ago )

* some fans has the talent to play game, but quickly give wrong judgement over things that doesnt even had demo launched yet.

Irishguy951575d ago

I have a feeling SE aren't doing a good job describing the game. And that they actually improved it

DiscoKid1575d ago

It's simply surprising how much Final Fantasy has changed.

TekKing1575d ago

It's not surprising at all. It has been going downhill ever since FFX.

gamerfan09091575d ago

Looks like a typical JRPG hack and slash rubbish. RPG's are too damn boring.

porkChop1575d ago

Uh, what? Final Fantasy XV looks anything but rubbish, and it isn't a hack and slash game. It's an Action RPG. And typical? Yeah right.

Kumomeme1574d ago

right...the combat already far superior than witcher 3

Kumomeme1574d ago

typical jrpg hack and slash?
give list of hack and slash jrpg...
dont mistake between action rpg with pure hack and slash or action games like dmc or mgr

have you even played kingdom heart?crisis core?xenoblade?the last story?

sure not

thats why your comment damm boring

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