Check out the Metal Gear Solid V Venom Snake action figure by Play Arts

There already was a bronze colored version, but now you’ll be able to buy a naturally colored Venom Snake action figure by Play Arts as well. First on display at Tokyo Game Show 2014, the figure is set to release in December 2014 for a price of 10,584 yen. It comes with the same accessories and interchangeable parts as its bronze colored counterpart.

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DarXyde1487d ago

I will be buying this.

Nitrowolf21487d ago (Edited 1487d ago )

I wouldn't. If you know anything about Play Arts, is that they are very deceiving and are horrible when it comes to the final product. They are expensive paper weights made of cheap plastic that ends up breaking the moment you open one, and usually are horribly disfigured, especially the face.

Sure, I really do like how this looks, but given the fact that they always make it look better (lighting, and a much better build), I have never bought one that didn't have faults, nor eventually end up breaking over time for just standing.

Nyxus1486d ago

Haven't bought one before, is it really that bad? I thought Play Arts Kai were pretty high quality.

Blacktric1486d ago

Play Arts products are utter crap. Also, they are horrible when it comes to designing faces for figures. Remember their Shepard figures from a while back?

And some more atrocious examples;

crimsonfox1486d ago


Those links made me spit out my drink...
Thank you.

Allsystemgamer1486d ago

Gray fox was the only one I ever bought. It's good quality. But not the rest lol

Gatsu1486d ago (Edited 1486d ago )

Haven't bought those before either, but they all can't be that bad D: ...or can they :O?

I want more sexy MGS figures, but it would indeed suck if mine break apart soon after for some reason or if don't look so epic like should.

Well gotta think about this one a bit more.

Reibooi1486d ago

As someone who likes to collect figures and what not I have to say I don't understand how the Play Arts line is still alive.

Pretty much everything they make looks like crap and would in my opinion be embarrassing to display in any way.

They look like they are made as play toys for kids but you can get cheaper action figures easy so I don't get it.

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SIX1486d ago

According to the disagrees, I guess you won't be buying one lol.

DIPSET1486d ago

wait for sideshow. THAT is quality. not that toy crap there

DarXyde1486d ago

Okay, I've seen enough. Those links... good gravy!

...I'll be skipping these.

Spore_7771486d ago

Hori shitto, those links. *vomits*

SovereignSnaKe1486d ago

THIS is the the Big Boss I've been waiting for! Why they ever released that Bronze one I will never know. ~Will be buying.