Dead or Alive 6 Will Make Full Use of Features of PS4 and Xbox One According to Yosuke Hayashi

Dead or Alive 5: Last Round will give us a taste of the franchise on PS4 and Xbox One next year, but legendary producer Yosuke Hayashi has his eyes firmly set on the future already.

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Snookies121488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

DOA 6 will utilize over 6000 animations for boobs alone. They might have some time to throw in some animations for other things, but we'll see...

Lol, but in all seriousness, it'll be cool to see how it improves on PS4/X1.

Abriael1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

Haha boobs don't use animations, just deformation physics :D

Snookies121488d ago

They do now, that's how they're making 'full' use of those features. ;D

AgentSmithPS41488d ago

Hopefully they'll bring these power orbs to Morpheus.

HentaiMasterRace1488d ago

That girl on the cover is very.....uh.....toned?

chobit_A5HL3Y1488d ago

are they still making doax3?

Lucifun1488d ago

I hope not. I am senior in high school and I got accepted into a college. If that game came out, I might have to repeat a couple times.

jc485731488d ago

jiggly puff will be in the game.

weekev151488d ago

Certainly jiggly something...

PCBOX1488d ago

Ready for big boobs and nice arses. The makers of this game littlebit pervert :)

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The story is too old to be commented.