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Frozen Synapse Prime (FSP) is a re-release of the mobile game which came out in 2011; new additions such as a new art style, improved audio, better controls, more modes and even a full trophy, so basically it’s a brand new game.

FSP is a turn-based strategy game that is extremely polished and perfectly executed. Each mission revolves around the player controlling multiple gunmen in a battle against a challenging yet beatable group of rebels.

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ctorretta1483d ago

Seems fun, but geez it is a bit complex to jump into. Outside of a couple super basic tutorial missions, there isn't a lot of handholding going on here.

I don't need info spoonfed to me, but it is kind of annoying having to do a lot of trial and error to figure out what situations call for what tactics. Thank god for the test runs.

Character and level designs are pretty cool, though at times I feel like this should have been called Crysis: Lawnmower Man edition. :)