PS4 Remote Play on Xperia Z3 Is Actually Better than on PS Vita – The Button Paradox

After trying the feature at Tokyo Game Show, Giuseppe Nelva of DualShockers has to begrudgingly admit that remote play on Xperia Z3 smartphones is a lot better than on the actual PS Vita, for all the wrong reasons.

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equal_youth1582d ago

One thing that always bothered me was the lack of controller support for vita but i got used to it.

OverlordEnel1582d ago

Tempted to get an Xperia now...

Azmatik1582d ago

I have a xperia z2 its a rlly nice phone sony adds updates to all its software regualarly which is very nice and the walkman is built in with music unlimited which is nifty too and all the music unlimited songs can be listened in offline mode too. Kinda upset the z3 is alrdy coming out and the z2 doesnt support this. They better release a update for the z2 i just bought this phone! But other then that now is a perfect time to get a xperia especially since its the z3, plus the phones are very high quality all glass and metal :)

Highlife1582d ago

I'm actually going to get the z3 but you can port the app to any android 4.0+. Just search the xda forums.

Ah what the he'll here you go.


This is why android I'd so much better than Apple

Cryptcuzz1582d ago

I hope Sony will release a firmware update for the Vita that allows it to be used in conjunction with the DualShock 4. Like the article states, it is almost a criminal oversight that this can't be done on the Vita now.

Better yet, why not make a new version of the Vita that has all the buttons found on a DualShock 4. Nintendo is releasing the New 3DS with more buttons later in the year, I hope Sony will also do the same shortly after.

HentaiMasterRace1582d ago

It probably wouldn't sell if they did that. Sony should have some DS4 stand for it or something.

porkChop1582d ago

I don't see Sony releasing a whole new Vita. What they could do however is release a Remote Play Grip for the Vita that includes built in R2 and L2. They could probably also figure out a way to add 2 buttons for R3/L3. Would be a much cheaper and easier way to allow for better Remote Play.

morganfell1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

Built in R2/L2 would then require an update for almost all existing titles as many are designed to use the touchscreen or some other function in place of those controls. Having the controls is of no help unless the software supports them. It just isn't that simple. A redesign at this point does not seem realistic.

DS4 support as with PlayStation TV? Now that is entirely possible since DS4 support was added with 3.10.

RosweeSon1582d ago

Just looks a bit bolted on and tacky for Sony , they've pretty much given up on vita and nintendo are on their 3rd/4th versions of 3ds/XL, new standard and XL and 2DS, I know vita replaced the screens but I'd trade my original one in for a newer model with all the bells and whistles just needs some triple A games to make use of the innards as uncharted and other games of that Ilk looked incredible, granted the indie games can look pretty slicks as well but very rare on par with a proper fully fledged game, not only that vita isn't all that expensive and with all the free games I've had on mine since I bought it last October it's more than paid for my console, ps+ has been a god send and i can count the amount of physical games I've owned on 2 hands it's now down to the grand total of 1 (metal gear collection) but apart from killzone, tearaway, and a 3 for 2 one second hand assassins liberation, need for speed and virtual tennis all the rest have been given to me or picked up dirt cheap and or cross buy through various PSN sales, even the price of the memory cards doesn't bother me cos the free games have covered it and besides I paid £42 tops for my 32gb vita card yet I can trade it in at GAME for £38 a year later hardly a massive loss now is it, shop around great consoles but under supported by Sony, they could have learned a lot from Nintendo and how they turned the 3DS around with a technically inferior console, still I bought a 3DS at launch and whilst I didn't do the same with vita I got their in the end as they are great little systems but as sony have given up on the proper games they might as well leave it as it is on vita and start making a number 2 or just a New Vita nintendo Stylee ;) don't deserve to get out the handheld game after the vita as they are no way near that bad. Still got more than enough to get through on mine tho, granted it's mainly indies now but still some great games and there's always god of war again? Shame there was never a GTA vita GT VITa metal gear vita or even a god of war specific to the vita and not ports, psp had their own versions vita has had killzone and uncharted whilst both great what happened to all the other great top notch sony franchises. It doesn't take a genius to work out.

PhucSeeker1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

Nah , my Vita doesn't need more buttons , it just need more cool exclusive games .

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Baka-akaB1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

I think an update allowing the ps4 pad would be great too . And i wouldnt be surprised if it happened around the launch of the ps tv .

Master-H1582d ago

Will this work with the older Xperia models or just the Z3 ? i have a Z1.

SonyKong641582d ago

unfortunately it's only z3. I have the z2 and it won't work 😦

arkard1582d ago

Once people get a hold of the phone they might be able to get the apk and make it work for rooted androids. Wont know until it hits the market though.

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