Is It Worth Owning All Of The "Next-Gen" Consoles?

Is it worth dishing out the money to own all of the "next-gen" consoles or are you better off sticking to only one? Pennyworth Reviews Editor-in-chief Nick de Bruyne takes a look.

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mochachino1539d ago

Not with two subscription models needed to play online.

Ognipode1539d ago

That's a fantastic point that a lot of people will need to keep in mind actually. It must be said that there are a lot of gamers out there who don't really bother with online, but these days, online subs, especially PS+ are just so worth it that not many people will easily pass it up.

VealParmHero1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

I have them all but don't use Wii u much at all. My ps4 is sort of getting dusty at this point (was playing TLoU for a while tho) and I'm waiting for the big releases. If I wanna play mp or try a game, O just grab a 1 month sub. My x1 is where I spend the bulk of my gaming time and I play all mp/coop games there (at least for multiplats). So it really depends who you are. I could live with out Wii u personally, but having both ps4 and x1 is going to prove very useful in the coming years as the bigger exclusive titles begin to drop.

jholden32491539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

I own all 3 consoles and both handhelds, but don't subscribe to PS Plus or Xbox Live. Only online games I play anyways are Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Mario Kart 8, and soon, Smash Bros.

Wii U, PS4 and 3DS all see equal amounts of play, in spurts of course. This month might be all Wii U, then 3DS for a few weeks, then a long PS4 binge.

What I don't play much is Vita or X1. Used to play Vita often but then they stopped making games for it after Final Fantasy X port. Freedom Wars, Natural Doctrine and Tales of Hearts R should change that in the coming months though.

As for X1, well, I buy all multiplats on PS4 where they run better so it's basically sitting there without any games for it. It'll be an exclusive only machine, and I'm totally okay with that. I knew it would be solely for the exclusives when I bought it.

Absolutely positively couldn't imagine gaming without a Wii U, PS4 and 3DS though. That's where it's AT.

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darthv721539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

I dont have the ps4 or xb1 but I do have the wiiu. I can only comment on the topic in general as it relates to owning all previous platforms. Personally I say yes. It provides the unrestricted access to the exclusive games on each.

When it comes to multiplat games...I tend to spread the buying habits around. What I find a good deal on or what my friends have in order to play online if need be. Like recently I picked up cod blops 2 & ninja gaiden 3 on wiiu for $8 ea from best buy. Sure I could have gotten them on 360 or ps3 but not for that price.

It isnt about resolution or which is the better system. Others who only have one or the other tend not to have choice as an option. So I like to have options and not limit myself. I see it as the multiplat games are intended to play the same from beginning to end unless there is something exclusive to one version or another.

I like playing the field but I can respect someone who doesnt so long as they can respect my choice which can differ from theirs. All that matters is we are all in the same hobby to have fun.

user3672721539d ago

No point of owning all three. Maybe the Wii U down the road for Zelda, a new Metroid, and a new Mario adventure game but the PS4 and XB1 has mostly the same third party games so it is up to the individual which exclusive games they want. I plan to get the PS4 and even the Wii U down the road when they have games like Uncharted 4 and Zelda release and by that time the systems should receive a price drop so it can definitely be better for my budget. I simply like the online service, the constant monthly updates, and games like Forza Horizon 2, Halo MCC, and Killer Instinct Season 2 coming out this year; thus that is the system I chose to supplement my PC but I am not a hater or fanboy of a particular brand and I do plan on getting all the consoles down the road but only one is needed at this time.

herbs1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

Personally I can't stand the idea of having to pay extra monthly fees for online especially on top of monthly internet bills, it just seems ridiculous to me. This is one of many reasons I game on PC and Wii U, best first party exclusives from Nintendo and the best versions of third party games on PC. Getting the best of both worlds from a smarter investment in the long run makes the most sense to me.

Evilsnuggle1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

I Have owned ever game console since Atari 2600 . Even Nintendo system up to Wii every playstation 1-4 every Sega system and OG Xbox and 360 Even 3DO . I own both OG Xbox and 360 at launch. I didn't buy PS3 until Demon's Soul's. As soon as I got my PS3 . My xbox start collecting dust. Last game I played on 360 was The Witcher 2 best 360 game last gen in my opinion. This gen I see no reason to buy a X1. It's a weak console with inferior multiplatform games . Also I hate Microsoft first party exclusive games . Microsoft exclusives have no variety. Microsoft exclusives are picked by a some suit a Microsoft. That reads some reports trying to find the next COD blockbuster. Microsoft first party games are all FPS and Americanized action games shooters for the 13-25 year old demographic dude bro's Michael Bay action junkie. Microsoft has no original ideas or creativity. You will never have great games like The Tomorrow Children , Wild, Rime , Tear away, LittleBigPlanet or Bloodborne. Nope just more Brain dead shooters for Spoxplosion junkies.

360 had weak first party exclusives and xbox live gold was $60 a year for the same thing as PSN.

[email protected]

You have xbonefanboys that think that xbox live gold is better than PSN. But both are the same . neither SONY or Microsoft control Internet speeds, bandwidth , connections or drops In games . That is all control by your Internet provider . Not Sony or Microsoft your IP company. Also Sony nor Microsoft control dedicated servers of 3RD party multi platform games . Just first party games. This will do nothing to help the xbonefanboys problem with delusion.

GameNameFame1539d ago

If you like owning 900p versions. Sure.

From what I hear here, 900p is somehow better than 1080p /s. So much sharper.

Mrveryodd1539d ago

Ps+ and live are so worth spending hard earned cash on as they are both giving away so many free games, they pay for themselves.

memots1539d ago

Not worth it.

PC is keeping me very busy. I play ps4 once in a while and vita rarely once in bed later or when i want to chill laying down.

my back long is so ridiculous as it is. It is not worth having more console. I tough i wanted a WiiU but then realized i have no time to play it anyway. And the other console ... well .. hmmm yeah .. not worth it.

vega2751539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

I have a gaming pc, X1 and a ps4. Between my pc and X1 they get the most playing time. With the pc a little more burn. I havent played the ps4 in months and is getting dusty. I do leave it in stand by mode to charge my phone or other electronics thats can be used with the controller plug.

I want the wiiu for hyrule warrior and a few other exclusives. But dont see that happening anytime soon due to my list of X1 games I'm getting before the year ends. I do have psn+ and live.but since I barely use my ps4! I dont see me renewing it once it ends

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gameon19851539d ago

only someone broke or a fan boy would say that.

Big_Game_Hunters1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

So being smart with your money = being broke? 110$ every year to pay for services that are better and free elsewhere. I'm willing to bet you think gaming PCs are too expensive.

TekoIie1539d ago

"Not with two subscription models needed to play online."

Yeh you're basically going to end up paying for two subscriptions just to play online for the most part. Unfortunate if you plan on playing online games with both.

WilDRangeRfc1539d ago

£80 a year for both how many hours of entertainment is that?? I don't grudge paying it I can spend that in one night down the pub

UltraNova1539d ago

80 quit in a pub ? at 5 a pint???? Jeez what are u a camel??

Big_Game_Hunters1539d ago

It is not even worth paying for one of the online subscriptions.

lelo2play1539d ago (Edited 1539d ago )

At this moment neither are PS+ for PS4 nor XBLA Gold for X1 worth paying for.

Don't have XBLA Gold, but i've got PS+. If PS+ for PS4 doesn't improve in the near future I have absolutely no intention of renewing it.

jrshankill1539d ago

You are buying your subscriptions in the wrong places if you find them expensive.

For people in the UK, for example, you can get a Xbox Live subscription at CDKeys for about £24 for 12 months. Add in the free games with subscriptions and I think it is very reasonable.

PS+ is not regularly on offer at CDKeys, but it can be nabbed for £35. I will not be renewing my PS+ subscription next year though. It's more expensive for me and I have less friends on PS+. It won't stop me from playing the PS4 though, I just play online multiplayer more on Xbox One. I suppose it is hypocritical that I added the free games bonus on Xbox Live and not PS+, but I have enough indie games to last me a lifetime anyway across both consoles.

I actually bought the Wii-U for my daughter for Christmas this year. We both enjoy co-op Mario games. I can't ever see myself playing Wii-U online (maybe a few games of Mario Kart 8).

So, my Xbox One is used for online multiplayer and EA Access, My PS4 is there mainly for Uncharted and Silent Hills, and the Wii-U is there to have fun with my daughter. So I really do have reasons to own all 3 consoles.

SilentNegotiator1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

I had all 3 last gen and it wasn't worth it. Between work and going to class, there's no time to enjoy all of the games. And I don't feel like paying $1100 (plus whatever amount I put into building my next PC rig) to play all of the games anyway.

Ps4 and PC will provide all of the entertainment I need.

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porkChop1539d ago

No. I'd say if you're looking for the best variety of games it would be best to go PS4+Wii U if you can afford it.

randomass1711539d ago

I agree completely. Best multiplats and Sony exclusives on PS4 and Nintendo games on Wii U is the best combo this gen. :)

jrshankill1539d ago

This really comes down to a consumer's personal choice. The Xbox One exclusives are way more attractive to me.

Master Chief Collection, Halo 5, Sunset Overdrive, Quantum Break, Forza 2.

I also fully expect people to disagree here with my personal choices.

randomass1711538d ago

If people didn't disagree with each other life would be boring! :p

AndrewLB1539d ago

Rofl.. not quite porkchop. If you want exclusives, if you want multiplats, if you want retro, and if you want backward compatibility, or the ability to play any systems games prior to PS3/360... the only solution is PC. Since 2000, PC has seen 2381 Exclusives. Yes... 2381. And any modern gaming PC can play ALL of them. Then when you factor in multiplat, that's well over 30,000 games. Add in all the games possible with emulation and it easily skyrockets to over 100k.

And don't forget, you can use your computer for your small business, you can write off the purchase as as a business expense!!

Volkama1539d ago

Indeed, if you can afford 2 or more consoles then you could be using that money to get a PC that is in many regards better than all of them. It is at least an option worth considering.

porkChop1539d ago

Dude, this conversation has nothing to do with PC. It's specifically about next gen consoles. I know very well how many exclusives there are on PC as I've been a PC gamer all my life. Don't bring up PC when it has nothing to do with the topic at hand.

Volkama1539d ago

Of course the PC is relevant to the topic at hand. You're talking about spending almost £1000 on 3 consoles, so the PC is a very viable alternative for that cash.

You could get a rig with 2 nVidia 970s for that kind of money. That's got to factor into whether or not it is "worth owning all the next gen consoles".

CrowbaitBob1538d ago

I built my PC back in 2012 for PC games and graphic design use.

I bought my Xbox one for Xbox exclusives and to play with my friends that only play on XBL.

I bought my PS4 for all the other console games I care about and to play with my friends that only play on PSN.

It's funny, at no point did I think to myself that none of that mattered and I should just limit myself to one gaming ecosystem.

To each his own though, I guess if you're happy with nothing but a PC more power to ya.

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LightDiego1539d ago

Right now i have a PS4, Wii U and PC (also 3DS), i don't see an advantage now to have a Xbox One because almost all the games are being released for PC too, titles like Dead Rising 3, Ryse and Ori, i wonder if will happen the same with Halo 5, Gears of War, Quantum Break and Sunset Overdrive, let's wait and see.

TheNew11539d ago

I like how DR3 and Ryse are the only big name titles that came to the PC from the Xbox and now everyone comes up with the assumption that every Xbox game is like that. Also, it was no secret that Ori was going to be on PC soo.

Spotie1539d ago

You must also be new to gaming. It's not an event unique to this generation. We've seen other titles or franchises go multiplat in the past.

Titanfall counts, by the way. It may have been on PC from the start, but the point is that it's one less big name you need an XB1 for. Not to mention the fact that the next game is likely to be on PS4, as well. Hell, even Plants vs Zombies is multiplat.

Outside of the games listed, there really aren't any big name exclusives on XB1.

The assumption, by the way, isn't that EVERY Xbox game is like that. Rather, it's speculation that- based on the reality you'd rather forget- it'll continue to happen in the future as it has happened I'm the past and as it is happening now.

TheNew11539d ago

Garden Warfare was a timed exclusive to begin with and Peggle 2.

"Outside of the games listed, there really aren't any big name exclusives on XB1."

Forza and Killer Instinct currently.

"it'll continue to happen in the future as it has happened I'm the past and as it is happening now. "

You are the past? Wow, so how are you talking in the present?

Volkama1539d ago

Don't have an XBox? No problem! MS aren't going to restrict you from playing their games!

Making or publishing a game for the XBox? Awesome! Microsoft won't stop you bringing it to a wider audience if you want to!

It's true, Microsoft really are "for the gamers", "for the devs", and "for the publishers". Their selfless support for the industry is commendable.

Keep up the good work Microsoft!

(Note this post is tongue-in-cheek. Spiced with some truth, but try not to choke on micro-transactions while you read it).

CBaoth1539d ago

The best predicter of future behavior is one's past behavior. To so casually dismiss this concept to further your argument makes you seem very short sighted.

Let me ask you, aside from Shadow Complex, can you name me one popular XBL Arcade title that didn't get a Steam release? It isn't the point that TitanFall, PvZ, Ori, etc... were from the onset coming to PC. It's the fact that outside Gears, Halo, and Forza EVERYTHING else has a very good chance of being ported to PC. Unless you started gaming on an Xbox (and have a huge friends list there), there is very little reason to own MS hardware if you own a gaming PC. Luckily for MS, I'm a sci-fi nut and can't do without Halo and Gears.

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DLConspiracy1539d ago

I own a PS4, Xbox One, PC Rig but NOT the Wii U yet.

TBH I have debated turning in my PS4 for the Wii U, but once a few titles come out for it that I want to play. I will probably regret it. Still.. I really want to play some titles on Wii U right now... :/

KillerPwned1539d ago

Wait it out if you can especially till the holiday season. You can probably find a really good deal then on a Wii U.

jholden32491539d ago

Don't get rid of your PS4 for a Wii U. You're going to want to keep that thing for all the games coming.

But at the same time, you definitely need to get a Wii U. So many exclusives you've missed out on already, and the list keeps growing larger. By the end of this year it will be impossible to catch up on the backlog if you don't get an early start. Main ones to focus on though, 100% definite gotta buys are:

Pikmin 3
Mario Kart 8
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze
Super Mario 3D World
Wonderful 101
Zelda Windwaker HD
Rayman Legends
New Super Mario Bros U
Wii Sports Club Golf (trust me on this one- you want this game)

And don't miss Bayonetta 1/2, Smash Bros or Captain Toad- those games look SO good. Oh, and pick up Pushmo World from the eShop. Best Nintendo downloadable in years.

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randomass1711539d ago

I would advise against getting rid of your PS4, but since you have a PC rig I guess you technically have multiplats covered. That decision should be based on whether or not you want Sony's exclusives.

AndrewLB1539d ago

Being a PC gamer, the library of games is so incredibly huge that most of us don't even care about playstation exclusives. And if we hear about some exclusive game that seems like it's going to become legendary in the gaming world, we just play it on an emulator once we can.

And do you guys remember how the new PS3 emulator about 2 months ago was only able to run at 3fps on early PS3 games that were not very demanding? Well it seems they got some games running at 25-30fps now. If the speed of development continues like this, i'll definitely be borrowing my brothers PS3 collection by years end!

And yes.. it will be fun playing Uncharted 3 while thinking about all the fanboys who said i never will be able to. lol.
oh... and PS4 emulation will not require nearly powerful of a PC since both systems run x86 architecture. All that's needed is to break the encoding/encryption and is off to the races.

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