BioWare Unsure of Dragon Age Inquisition Resolution & Frame-Rate, Aiming for 1080p on PS4

While BioWare might be happy at how fans have reacted to gay romances and characters in Dragon Age: Inquisition, there’s one issue that the studio hasn’t answered yet — and that’s at what resolution and frame-rate will the game be at for now-gen consoles.

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theXtReMe11538d ago

In other words, we will not be hitting 1080p on the PS4 and we don't want negative press surrounding it... so we will wait till after it releases to announce the framerate and resolution and give excuses why we couldn't reach 1080p. None of which will be true, other than the fact that they gave Microsoft their promise(see: $$$) on parity across platforms, so their version wouldnt look or run any different than that of the PS4 brethren.

Dudebro901538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

You people that claim Microsoft is paying developers to gimp ps4 versions need to grow up.

The fact Call of Duty shipped at 720p is proof enough its not a thing, and its ridiculous to think it ever was. Not to mention the long list of ps4 games that run at higher resolutions.

Microsoft is only paying for certain games to run at the same resolution? Riiighttt

TheWackyMan1538d ago

To be fair, ghosts was an unoptimized mess of a game. Don't even get me started on the PC version cause holy mother lord almighty I've never played a more laggy game in my life.

InTheLab1538d ago

That happened before "resolution gate" and since, MS has gone out of their way for parity. We already know EA and Acti have a strong partnership with MS so it would be best to try and limit negative press for a partner.

Now if that translates to paying for parity, then maybe they are???

Kribwalker1538d ago

So activision and ea have a strong relationship with ms to gimp versions of games? What you smoking? PVZ garden warfare is 1080p on ps4 and 900p on x1. Destiny has a tonne of exclusive stuff for Sony systems, published by activision. Diablo 3 was heavily touted on playstAtion and only outed as Xbox games right before release. Also an activision game. There is no gimping games going on. Stupid people

LamerTamer1538d ago

Dude, things change you know, just because launch titles weren't gimped doesn't mean the practice will never happen in the future, bro.

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dcj05241538d ago

OR next gen consoles are mid-ranged 2012 PCs and they couldn't their target resoloution without sacrificing graphical elements.

ThePope1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

I love how many bubbles you have. Several EA games have different resolutions on the PS4 and X1. So your theory just went right out the window. The best part is that the games are no more fun to play on the PS4. Crazy! I know, but the truth will always be the truth, no matter how hard you pretend otherwise.

Dragon Age looks like its a very intense game gameplay wise. If 1080p matters that much to you they can remove some features on the PS4 version, and make it look less detailed to get to 1080p for you. Then we'll see what's the most important.

windblowsagain1538d ago

It'll be 1080p PS4/

Either 900p or 720p on xboxone.

qwerty6761538d ago

could care less

as long as the gameplay is fun and the experience is good.

oSHINSAo1538d ago

Now Gameplay matters ?? LOL

qwerty6761538d ago

its always mattered to me?

so dont know what you're on about.

MrCherry1537d ago

Iv all ways go for gameplay thin 1080p and 60fps. If the game suck ass but the grass looks cool thin have fun.

GTgamer1538d ago

Why not both (•ิ_•ิ)

LamerTamer1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

Don't you know? You can only have one or the other.

If the game looks stunning graphically it must play like crap and the experience will be terrible especially if it achieves native 1080p, and will be even more unplayable if it reached 1080p and 60 FPS.

If it looks like a worked over PS3 game running at 720p or 792p then the gameplay will be phenomenal! That is what xbone fans seem to say a lot anyway along with: Graphics don't matter, res is only a number, you can't see the difference, the X1 upscaler doesn't just stretch the image making it blurry it magically adds in the missing detail for you, the cloudz, DX12.

MasterCornholio1538d ago


I know what you mean. Some people act like one version will play worse than the other due to an increase in resolution. Its their way of claiming that the inferior version of a game will be better than the superior version.

My point of view is that if the game had the same content across two platforms but one of them play it in a higher resolution the version with the highest resolution will be the best one. I'm assuming that everything else between the two are the same.

Anyways back to the article. Since its a multiplat I believe that it will be better on the PS4 due to its superior hardware.

dantesparda1538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

"could care less

as long as the gameplay is fun and the experience is good. "

You must own a X1 then.

@ GTgamer
"Why not both (•ิ_•ิ) "

Cuz its a X1.

Skate-AK1538d ago

The term is "couldn't care less"

Xof1538d ago

Actually, you mean "phrase."

And "Could care less" is equally valid, due in part to its ubiquity, but also due to it's implicit meaning.

Also, random comments on the Internet fall into the "general speech" category, just like spoken dialog, and therefore is more malleable and accepting of colloquial and informal language.

Xof1538d ago

You don't fit in well here, do you?

Spotie1538d ago

He fits in quite well with all the other people who pretend they don't care, yet still make their way into such articles.

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ShadowWolf7121538d ago

Hope they manage.

Normally would have gotten it on PS4 but I have the other two on my PC and save importing is a bit of a must for me in this franchise.

Shoeless1538d ago

Doesn't really matter in this case. BioWare is getting everyone to use the upcoming DA website so everyone can input their choices from past games and have a DAI friendly "choice list" that will be compatible with the new game. They're actually NOT allowing any save imports from past games, everything goes through this new Dragon Age Keep website, which should be going live in October. You can read it for yourself there, the FAQ confirms no save imports, so if you want to get it on the PS4, you may as well, even if you buy the PC version, you'll still have to use the DA Keep website to record your past game choices.

ShadowWolf7121537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

They said that the Keep wasn't going live until early 2015 and the Beta was this fall.

EDIT: Scratch that, someone typo'd.

Still, may as well stick with it. Been on it thusfar and I enjoy semi-portability via the laptop.

Xof1538d ago

I wouldn't even consider getting it on PC, even if it were on a reputable distribution platform like Steam. After the last few Bioware games, I think resale potential is rather important.

ShadowWolf7121537d ago

This is a pretty safe bet though, so I'm good.

angelsx1538d ago

Aiming???WTF . . . All games must be 1080p.It't almost 2015

Raider691538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

If the machines actually had suficiente hardware power to do it in every game why not;but the fact is that not every game engine is equal and made the same way if Dragon age or any other game comes at 900p but full of new tech effect... im for sure an happy man,since i find preferable that developers push the envelope on art better textures more effects more NPCs than going for 1080p resolution with the game feeling empty and glimped on the technical and ambient part!I still find funny that some people think that the xboxone and PS4 hardware is state of the art tech..its not!!

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