Alien: Isolation – Alien Fans, Time to Prepare

Christopher Buffa (Prima Games): Survival horror fans braved Outlast and barely made it through the infamous P.T. demo with their nerves intact. Now it’s time to increase the scares even further with Alien: Isolation, arguably the most intense game to come from Sega since Condemned: Criminal Origins and its creepier sequel.

Developed by Creative Assembly, Isolation gives a nod to Ridley Scott’s iconic 1979 fright fest, Alien. You don’t combat swarms of extraterrestrials with a fully loaded pulse rifle, similar to James Cameron’s Aliens. Instead, you match wits with a single creature that literally appears out of nowhere, and maybe you have a flamethrower that’ll deter (note we did not say the word kill) the monster. Essentially, you’ll spend hours hiding inside of lockers too petrified to leave, staring through the slits and at the crude motion tracker that tells you when the Alien is close. Quite frankly, it’s rare to experience this sort of frenzied tension in a video game....

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