Big Changes Ahead for World of Warcraft

The latest Public Test Realm was opened yesterday for people try out upcoming changes in World of Warcraft. However, upon viewing the patch notes, most WoW payers probably jumped out of their seats.

Blizzard have managed to keep these secrets under wraps, but it was revealed yesterday that after patch 2.4.3 goes live, probably within a month or so, players will now be able to purchase and ride a mount at level 30. This is huge news for people with low leveled characters; since the game launched over three years ago, characters have had to get around on foot until level 40.

Time management utilities have been added; players can now set an in-game alarm clock, and also make use of a stopwatch. For the first time, there will also be an option to display the local time ingame, as opposed to the server time.

Many class changes have also taken place, including a much-needed nerf to the Rogue ability Cheat Death.

Here are the full patch notes:

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Wuushu3776d ago

Ooh nice :) Thanks - gonna fire up the PTR client right away. Cheers

syrinx3776d ago

About time they lowered the mount requirements.

Maticus3776d ago

I know, it's pretty cool. Hope it's not too long on testing, can't wait for these changes to take effect.

Leord3776d ago

Haha! Level 30 mounts for Paladins. Seriously, the game should have launched with this change.

By the way, this patch has an unusually large amount of changes. It seems some of the WotLK stuff is seeping in. They are preparing for expansion balancing =)

Terrice3776d ago

Finally some balance (see: nerf) to the Rogues.

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The story is too old to be commented.